While everyone around us is being themselves and not trying to please others, they have forgotten how to be charming and considerate. They badly need to understand what charming people never do.

We love people who politely redirect the conversation to us and give us a space to vent.

At such times, we feel special, don’t we? Being charming is not just about the things you do. It’s also about habits that you avoid. Here are some things that charming people don’t do.

What Charming People Never Do

Talk Over You

Some people talk over you before you finish your sentence, and it’s annoying.

Let others finish their sentences before you formulate your response. It will allow you to avoid missing an important part of the message and give a thoughtful, intelligent response.

Direct the Conversation to Themselves

Many people will try to direct the conversation towards themselves. Sometimes, they do this to show they are more knowledgeable about a particular topic. Other times, they may just want to be better than you. 

You won’t be admired if you waste time trying to prove you’re better. You might even irritate others. Instead, focus on making the conversation fun.

Judge Others

It’s human nature to complain about others. Some people habitually talk about others behind their backs, bringing them low, often out of jealousy. 

It’s much easier to connect with people when you don’t judge them all the time. Understand that sometimes, you may not know the true motives of their actions or decisions. You don’t know what is behind other people’s actions and decisions most of the time.

Misspell or Mispronounce Your Name

It is possible to misspell someone’s name or mispronounce it once. You can give the impression that you don’t care if you repeat it.

Most likable individuals share a habit of being able to remember names. They also struggle with it, but they try to develop methods to help. They will ask for help if they’re not sure how to spell or pronounce a name.

Use Their Phone While You’re Talking

When you consistently check your phone while talking to someone or simply being in their presence, you’re telling them that you don’t care. You’re not interested in what they have to say and it’s among the annoying habits of bad listeners.

Keep your phone out of sight when you’re with someone else. You will forget about your phone for a little while and enjoy the moment.

Wait too Long to Reply

It is courteous to reply to a message, but I often see people do the opposite. It’s a trend, like something that makes you look cool, god knows how.

We should all learn to acknowledge the message of others. It is simple and healthy. Just be polite and respectful. It’s not too late to respond to an email you received two or three days ago.

Compromise on Courtesy

According to research, a surprising number of people seldom say thank you. We are ignoring the use of these words.

As a child, our parents taught us to be polite and use ‘thank you’s and please.

People are less concerned about forms of politeness, and they have stopped saying please and thank you. But charming people still insist on them. Looks like we need to learn some basic etiquette of communication again.

Ignoring Other People’s Needs

Do you find it irritating when, on a bus, for example, another passenger sings loudly or speaks on the phone for an extended period of time? I find it annoying, too.

You are not very charming if you do any of these things or something similar. It’s time to change this.

It’s not a good thing to be the person that people avoid because you don’t care about other people’s feelings.

Put Others Down

All of us have met people who find fault with everything we do. They can’t even express their joy for you when you achieve something without making a few snide remarks.

You could say that such people are jealous. Researchers have found that people threatened by their egos may be more mean towards others.

If someone constantly puts you down, they are doing so because they want to be proud of themselves, and their achievements or presence threatens that.

It may seem like you are just doing your daily business, but you may threaten someone’s self-esteem.

Please avoid being such a person for anyone.

Act Closed

Charming people are easy to speak to because they have proven themselves warm, accommodating, and open.

Their sincerity was evident as they shared their story, displayed emotion, and smiled. You feel comfortable talking to them.

Closed-off, unengaged, and disinterested people are the opposite of charming people.

The person who smiles, nods their head during a discussion, and maintains eye contact with the other person will engage the audience more than the person who doesn’t do any of these things.

It’s not always what we do that makes people like us and want to be around us. Sometimes, it’s the things we don’t say or do. So, these were some habits what charming people never do.

We don’t just become who we are overnight. You can cultivate any admirable trait you desire. Charm comes from within.


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