Nowadays, feminism has become a fashion thing, and it’s become one of those cool things everyone wants to be a part of. While some people may have an idea of feminism and others have joined the cause with a wrong understanding. People with the wrong idea of feminism are hyper-sensitive and highly engaged on social networks. Fake feminists are making things hard for those who are working to achieve equality of gender.

Even though 82% of people believe that both genders should be political, social, and economically equal, the issue is that people don’t understand the difference between feminism and fake feminism.

Here are some typical signs of fake feminists that you can easily spot.

Hating men

Feminism isn’t a religion that promotes looking down on men. Some women believe that women are superior to men and are even annoyed when men offer any help. You need to show that you can take care of yourself doesn’t mean you have to avoid help from the other gender. Sometimes, it’s okay for someone else to make things easy for you, and it doesn’t make you less of a confident woman.

Playing victim card

It is the main reason we see anti-feminist people. Feminism doesn’t mean that a woman can harm a man and then demand justice for being a woman. Feminism is the process of bringing to the forefront the injustice done to women due to patriarchal beliefs in the hopes that they can bring about better change. Playing a victim card is an injustice to man. You can recall many such incidents where men faced dire consequences until they were proven innocent. 

Breaking pointless stereotypes

Feminism is more about choices than doing things women don’t usually do. You are sorely mistaken if you believe that partying late at night or drinking alcohol makes women a feminist. Don’t get me wrong; women can have with their friends any way they want. Any woman who likes to stay at home and enjoy their free time reading can also be a feminist.

Inventing unrealistic issues

Fake feminists think that men’s culture is full of sexist values. Not everything a man does is a strategy to “put women in their place.” It’s time to get over it. Disparities between males and females persist but do not necessarily suggest discrimination.

False sense of entitlement

I am talking about a fake sense of entitlement because the feminists don’t want something they don’t have the right to. Achieving equal wage for equally hard work isn’t being deemed to be “entitled.” The right to autonomy over our own body is not considered “entitled.” These are just fundamental rights. Feminists want everyone to respect women’s basic rights, that’s all.

Being feminist as per their convenience

If someone likes to put on a feminist mask on special occasions, but once an event requires them to do their best to ensure gender equality, they slip back into their comfort zone and accept the current state of affairs. 

Refuses to acknowledge the actual difference between genders

It’s known that apart from having different physiologies, both genders have different neurological characteristics. They have different needs, behavior, habits, and cognition. For instance, the selective evolution of humans has caused males to develop a more vital ability to discern direction than women because the first humans were more used to hunting. Also, both genders are alike, but they aren’t the same in every aspect.

Don’t believe in male feminist

Men may not have been through the struggles of being women, but a sense of empathy does exist. Men can understand the feeling of being targeted through personal experiences or seeing women in their surroundings. Many men genuinely want to contribute to the feminist movement. Also, a man can indeed be a feminist as well. Women do have male allies and buddies that they can completely trust.

If you believe you are a real feminist, talk about real issues that adversely affect women. Like, as the vast difference in the gender wage gap. Even in a developed nation like America, women earn less than their male counterparts for an equal amount of work and experience. Violence against women is an issue that is a big one in the words of RAINN, 90% of sexual harassment and adult rape victims are women. We need to play our part in any way possible to make this world a safer place for every woman. 

The rights of women to reproduce are under threat, evident in the recent threats to eliminate Planned Parenthood and reverse it. Also, both teen and adult women make up the biggest groups of sex trafficking victims. All these are only the beginning of the problem. There is no way fake feminism can invent these problems, and real feminism aims to address them since they are already present. We should all be feminists to drag out and destroy these evils from our society.


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