A breakup can be a painful period that takes an emotional toll. What comes after that is a social media rage with a few incredibly uninhibited quotes and snarky posts. It leads us to create a sham on social media and regret it later. Therefore, don’t make these social media mistakes after breakup and save yourself from shame.

In the aftermath of a breakup, it’s tempting to slam things against the wall, shout in the highest pitch of your lungs and then let your heart break out. Please do whatever you like but don’t react via social media; it can be a cruel place for your mental health. Here is a list of what not to do after a breakup, especially on social media platforms.

No need to announce your breakup

Your breakup isn’t anybody’s concern except for your ex-partner, family members, and people close to you. You don’t have to announce your separation via social media and the world.

Letting everyone know about your relationship status isn’t your obligation on social media. Instead, inform only your close friends who genuinely care for you for a thoughtful discussion. If you post a breakup announcement, you permit strangers to navigate your story as they like.

Don’t stalk them online

The curiosity of knowing what your ex is upto after your breakup can take over your mental health. Meanwhile, your ex-partner and his life are not your concern anymore.

Stalking your ex is a harmful habit. Once you start, it will become a part of your daily life without realizing it. Their pictures of joy and evening out with friends will affect you negatively. Things will become more painful if you see them dating a new person.

Unfriend or unfollow

Seeing their face appear on social media daily won’t help if you want to get over someone. So, it’s wise to unfriend or unfollow them from your social media profiles. If you still want to stay friends with them, you can reduce how much you see of them. It is possible with most social platforms to mute people without their knowledge.

Never subtweet

Subtweeting means saying something smack about someone in your life without mentioning their name. It is the practice of adding information and clues to your social media posts to ensure everyone knows whom you’re referring to. If you don’t mention your ex’s name, anyone who knows you will realize that you’re bullying them in a public forum.

It will reach your ex sooner or later. It is a cruel and messy method of handling the aftermath of a breakup.

Don’t stoop so low to defamation

Defaming your ex using his name is even far worse than subtweeting. Defamation and slandering are serious crimes, and even if you’re writing about honest experiences, you shouldn’t insult your ex-partner publically. You may satisfy your ego for a few minutes by attacking your ex on the internet using their name; however, you’ll obviously regret it after a while.

If you indulge in such activities, your ex can worsen the situation if he decides to return the favor. Do not put yourself into a position where you’ll have to be a victim of causing harm to someone else’s life.

Delete or archive memories that trigger you

While going through a breakup, your feelings are ablaze in various directions. With feelings across the board, seeing pictures of yourself and your ex will make you feel worse.

Lovey-dovey photos of your ex-partner on your profile will make it hard for new guys to approach you. The person who will be in your life later on likely hate looking at photos of you and your partner hanging around.

If you’re not ready to remove all traces of your ex from your social media accounts, you can archive those content. Later on, if you feel like it, you can re-post all those pictures on your profile.

Avoid dating apps for a while

Your friends may suggest you join a dating app immediately as if they are the only solution to every heartache. However, it’s not! These sites won’t ease your pain. Although, talking to strangers may be awkward after the breakup as you can’t help but compare them to your ex. Instead, take some time to be with yourself, do activities you love, and take a break from relationships.

Go ghost for a while

If you want to be in a slumber for a while, take a moment to reset and relax by undertaking an uninvolved social media cleanse until you’re more relaxed.

If you’re in a routine of updating your followers about your activities every couple of hours doesn’t mean that you need to continue the same while dealing with a breakup.

Social media can make you feel worse and act as an unpleasant reflection of where you’re in life, especially if you don’t like how you’re moving. Do yourself a favor and take a break from social media. It will boost your healing process if you choose to do so.

In the aftermath of a breakup, navigating the world of social media can be tricky, and it’s all too easy to make mistakes we might regret later. The emotional whirlwind that follows a split often tempts us to vent our feelings online, but we should resist the urge. 

Avoid these social media mistakes after breakup to protect your emotional well-being and embark on a healthier path to healing. Self-care, self-reflection, and a break from social media can positively impact your recovery journey.


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