In almost every male-female friendship, there comes a time when the girl thinks, Wait! Does he have feelings for me? It’s not easy to answer without some apparent signs your guy friend likes you.

If you’re a very close friend to him, it’s hard to understand if the actions are simply of a great friend or signs that he wants more than just friendship. You don’t want to cause an uncomfortable situation by confronting him directly.

If you notice that he has the following traits, then these are definite signs your guy friend likes you romantically.

A lot of calls and texts

One of the signs a guy has feelings for you is his ability to not stop talking to you. You may see more texts and even funny jokes or chats from him.

A man who is in love with an attractive woman will be interested in knowing what she is doing during her day, which is why there is a rise in communications.

Many personal questions

If a person wants to date you, he’ll try to get to know you better and discover if his interests align with yours. If you see him asking you multiple questions about you and your interests, relatives, and friends, It’s one of the signs he wants you.

He recalls every detail about you

If someone can remember everything about you from a tale you told him several weeks ago, and he remembers it, he must have feelings for you. A person who has a great memory is uncommon. It indicates that he is ultra-attentive whenever you speak. He becomes a devoted listener and is attentive to what you say.

Try to spend more quality time with you

If you notice that he is making excuses to be always around you, you can interpret it as a sign of his interest in you. He may often ask about your schedule and wants to know when you are available and if you plan to go out. If he truly wants you, he will not miss any chance to spend time with you.

You can feel his jealousy

Have you felt he is getting a little jealous of you when you are with other guy friends? If yes, this can signify that he’s holding to more than a friendly feeling for you. You’ll find him envious while you talk about guys, and he may even attempt to roast them.

He loves making you smile and laugh.

Suppose a man has feelings for one girl but hesitates to express them. In that case, the guy may try all in his ability to bring her to laughter, cheer her up and assure her that you are always there to help the girl in all ways.

More compliments on your way

You may get increasing compliments from your male friends, who are developing feelings for you.

The most common signs of flirting will be praising your physical appearance, beauty, and body. If your friend begins to comment on how you look at a specific time or how much they like your outfit the next day, he may be working up the confidence to start showing the signs he wants to date you.

He keeps on making physical contact

It used to be a pleasant relationship between you; however, now he’s holding your arm and putting his arms around your shoulders when you’re sitting beside him in a restaurant or placing his hand on your back while you enter a room together.

His touch may arouse different sensations within you, as if there’s some sexual tension in them, unlike when other people and family members touch. The man is trying to show that he wants more than friendship by making contact often.

He openly tells you about his life

If your friend is in love with you and feels they can truly trust you, they may start to divulge personal details about their life with you. It serves two goals. One is to give details about themselves, hoping it impresses you.

The other reason is they truly trust you and feel comfortable letting their guard down on you. In addition to whether or not your friendship develops into romantic, consider it an enormous praise that someone is so at ease talking to you because they see you as genuine and reliable.

What to do when your guy friend likes you

Suppose a male friend is interested in you. In that case, it can be overwhelming, especially when you are unsure what you think about the relationship.

If you want to enter into an intimate relationship or prefer to maintain your friendship as it is, read these suggestions to keep in mind.

If your friend displays enough signs he wants you, then brace yourself.

  • Take a step back and look at your relationship with him and what you want in the future. You may also want to step back when he confesses his feelings so you don’t make reckless decisions.
  • Look at your emotions. Do you have similar feelings, and have you ever thought about it similarly? Do you believe it is feasible, or are you hesitant to risk your life to keep your friend forever if your romance falters? 
  • Even if telling him you don’t want an intimate relationship is difficult, be honest. Be truthfully straight, open, and transparent with him so that he can move on.

These are the top and most common signs your guy friend likes you and want to be more than a friend. Did you recognize any of these signs in your guy friend?

Such situations can create tense relationship dynamics, incredibly when unprepared. Identifying the signs your guy friend wants you can help you prepare to deal with it while securing the bond in the best way possible.

If you’re anyway looking to date someone, these green flags in a relationship will help you make better decisions.


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