Many people are quitting these days to look for something more fulfilling. We’re here to help you see the bigger picture if you consider quitting your job. If you’re still deciding whether to quit or waiting for a message from the Universe that says it’s the right time to quit your job. Then, considering these reasons will help you reach a clear decision.

Reasons to Consider

Learning & Skills

Are you constantly confronted with worthy tasks? Do you feel confident that you will gain more knowledge here? Or Do you feel you’ve reached a stumbling block and are not progressing? You can try talking to your boss once, although he may assign additional tasks to complete.

Your Income

Are you satisfied with your current salary? Or, Do you feel that you are not getting paid reasonably? Why is this? You may need time to establish yourself. Make sure to check in with your boss after another six months and show why you should be given an increase. Don’t make emotional arguments out of the equation.


Do you feel like you are adding significant value from your work? If you feel tired and demotivated instead, all the time. Then, it would only get harder to spend time at your workplace.

Appropriate Boundaries

Here, I am pointing out to bosses who get upset to see you for taking lunch breaks and not being a part-time worker on weekends. I can’t tolerate the amount of “urgent” texts they shamelessly send after office hours.

Work Culture

Work culture matters a lot for a healthy social life. Think about if you enjoy working in this environment, under your boss. Do they make an effort to meet your needs? If you experience a toxic environment or gender-based discrimination, quitting your job won’t feel that bad. Many individuals quit job in search of friendly and happy work culture.

Relates with Your Dream Job

Do you want to move up in the same organization? Or, Are you just working here till you find something better? If you are stuck in a job you don’t pursue for this lifetime, then start planning to quit.  

Don’t forget that you deserve to be employed in a workplace that respects your boundaries and appreciates your imagination, insight, and time. You should love your work and feel that you’re making an impact. However, we understand how difficult it is to make the leap of faith, so we’ve put together this little Quitting Guide to aid you. 

How to Quit a Job Skillfully

Check the Notice Period

Find out how long you’ll need to complete your work and other outstanding projects. You can then work out the start date for your new job (if you already have one) using this schedule. Make sure that both parties and the beginning date sign your offer letter for the new job before putting on your notice of resignation.

Don’t Mention the Higher-ups

In your resignation message, do not include the CEO or founder. They’ll find out about the correct people when the right time comes. If you are experiencing a lot of complaints, ensure that you are following the appropriate channels (HR); however, be careful not to allow your resignation to disrupt the corporate culture.

Ask for a Reference

Do not be timid! Before you go, talk to your manager and inquire for a reference once you’ve officially quit. Ensure you ask for their permission before adding the reference to your resume to avoid surprises.

Don’t Blab About Quitting

Don’t launch an ad campaign to tell people you’re going to leave. Anything you planned to keep private could be a rogue spreader. When you’ve officially submitted the departure (and the employer accepts the resignation), You can start to tell your industry peers and other key employees. Until then, it is wise to keep the news to yourself.

Inform Your LinkedIn Connects

You can send them an email notifying them to know that you’re leaving the company and whom they can connect with in the company in the future for any communications. However, it would help if you waited until you’ve begun your new job before sharing the news with your followers. It’s tempting to share the exciting news, but you must be careful not to do it too fast.

Hand-written Notes

It’s a thoughtful gesture, but be sure to do it only for the individuals you truly are attached to in your job. There’s no need to buy gifts. However, if you’d prefer to give something to the boss, some chocolates or an indoor plant will leave a lasting impression. You could even mail your gift a few days after departure as a pleasant reminder that you’re still cheering for your former employer.

We know that the decision to quit job can be difficult, but you need to take this decision to improve your life. There are elements of the job you love and other aspects you would rather be living without. It’s your decision. In the end, you are the sole person who can determine what’s best for you. Are you willing to endure the rough parts so that you can learn from your wonderful colleagues, or is that not enough to warrant you to keep going? No matter what you decide, we’ll be cheering you up.


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