The most blissful moment for any woman is when she holds her newborn for the first time after nine months of pregnancy. Nothing else can compare to the joy that moment brings. As you know, life afterward will be filled with lots of excitement and challenges. 

As much as caring for new babies is beautiful, there are many things to take care of, making you feel overwhelmed. Thus, we are here with some special newborn care tips for first time moms that will make things more fun and easy to handle.

Don’t Forget Yourself

Let’s start with yourself first. You need to take good care of yourself to fulfill the needs of your little one optimally. Cut down caffeine consumption to a minimum, keep yourself hydrated and consume nutritious fruits and vegetables. Don’t miss out on your workouts and taking a walk outdoors. When you find your baby sleeping, take out some for your sleep as well. Healthy habits for self are a must while taking care of a newborn.

Baby Clothing

While shopping for your little one’s clothing, choose comfort over fashion. Your baby doesn’t care about fashion because their toothless smile and curious stare are enough to lighten up the whole room. As babies grow surprisingly fast, shop only for the next three months and the current season. Many millennials turning into parents make the mistake of buying in bulk just because the outfits look cute. They end up wasting their money.

Choose clothes that are easy to wear and remove, like baby kimonos and onesies. These clothes also have easy openings around the diaper area for you to clean and change diapers with less effort. Don’t shop for any shoes for a newborn, as although they seem cute, they are uncomfortable and can hamper their growth.

Set Up Visit Rules

Set up some schedules for your friends and relatives, when they can visit and meet your baby and spend some time playing with him. Let them know the best days and times to pay a visit. If their visit tends to get longer, feel free to interrupt them soon so that your baby can drift away to sleep.

Be Aware of Overstimulation

Stimulations among babies happen when they experience different sensations, noise, or activity in such a short time that they cannot cope with all of these. You can witness this when different adults cuddle with a baby. When experiencing overstimulation, the baby will start crying. 

When you notice your baby is overwhelmed, then take them to a quiet corner and talk to them in a soothing voice to help them calm down.

Proper Breastfeeding

During the first three months of a baby, it is mandatory to breastfeed them. Feed them in regular intervals and about 8 to 12 times a day. Mother’s milk is nutritious and will help boost their immune system. Don’t worry if you find your baby spitting out your milk; it is pretty normal. If they tend to spit out milk often, then pat their back gently after feeding them. It will make them burp and reduce spitting out next time.

Choose Baby Products Wisely

Babies have susceptible skin, which is prone to rashes and irritation quickly. Use the skin-care products only during their bath and while you are changing their nappies. Get products with the lowest degree of chemicals, so they don’t trigger allergies. If you are getting confused about what to purchase, it is wise to consult a doctor.

The Elbow to Knee Trick

It is common for babies to go through gas and digestion issues. The elbow-to-knee trick can help resolve gas-related problems miraculously. It’s a fun and straightforward trick and will help your baby get comfortable and enjoy better sleep. Here, you need to:

  1. Lay your baby flat on its back.
  2. Bring their right elbow closer to their left knees. You don’t necessarily have to touch them.
  3. Repeat from the opposite side that is left elbow to their right knees. You will hear your baby farting every time you perform this exercise.
  4. Repeat the process 3 to 4 times.

Using White Noise

When babies are in the womb, they constantly hear their mom’s heartbeat and the voice from the outside world as ceaseless white noise. After they are born, even slight noise can disturb them. Thus, white noise can help you keep your baby calm and help them go to sleep quickly. You will find tons of pleasant white noise on the internet.

Track & Make Notes

Keep track of your newborn’s feeding and sleep schedules. Also, note down their current diet, the longer they sleep, and their poops. Don’t do the unnecessary hard work of remembering everything. Download any free app to take notes. You need to track these habits because if you ever need to visit a pediatrician, they’ll ask you these questions.

These are some special newborn care tips for first time moms. Dealing with a newborn is challenging and will teach you so much that you never knew before. These moments are precious, and do enjoy them to their fullest.


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