Gender inequality is a big issue in society. The empowerment and protection of women are very important to remove this inequality and attain sustainable development. There are many strategies and ways to protect and empower women. It is essential to enhance the status of women in society through proper education, job opportunities, and financial independence to women.

Women should be aware of their legal rights so that they can raise their voices against injustice and it is essential to make their world free of violence, poverty, social discrimination, and gender inequality. Mentoring programs will help them to influence and create awareness among them. They should take decisions on their own without dependence on others. In this article, we will discuss some of the important ways to protect and empower women in 2020.

Education of women

It is very crucial to give proper education to every woman so that she can seek understanding and share knowledge with the next generation. If a woman is literate, then she can make her own decision cautiously. It is the mother who is responsible for providing the first education to the children. So, if she is educated, then only she can teach and educate her children. Society must understand this thing. The education of women is quite important to educate the next generation. Education is the first step towards the empowerment of women and helps in the sustainable development of future generations.

The government came with many policies to encourage the education of girls like Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Yojana in 2015 and Mahila Shakti Kendra in 2017. Because of these policies and awareness among people, women’s literacy rate has improved a lot from the past few years. But still, there are some regions where people still neglect the education of women and it is essential to make them aware of the benefits of women’s education. It is important to understand that any country cannot grow without the education of women.

Safety of women

Women suffer from a lot of safety issues and problems. To enhance women’s safety in India the first step is to diversify the number of women in every area of society and then change the mindset of people towards women. Men should be taught to respect females. There are many insecurity issues like sexual harassment, eve-teasing, rapes, domestic violence against women. It is important to change the mentality of society and provide proper training to females for fighting against any injustice. The government should take proper steps to safeguard the lives of women. They should make policies to educate and change the patriarchal mindset of society. Women need to learn self-defense techniques to protect themselves from any situation. Self-defense programs will develop confidence among women and allow them to defend against any attacks.

Removal of social discrimination for empowerment of women

Many people in society still feel girls as a burden on their families. They are not aware of the benefits of educating women. Even after the advancement of technology, many people have still not advanced their thinking and mindset. To eliminate social discrimination and gender inequality, it is important to remove the root causes of discrimination that still restrict women’s rights in private and public areas. The legislature should change the discrimination rules and adopt proper rights to empower women. Women should be placed as leaders and make their decision-making roles in society. The government should take steps against social discrimination and enhance gender equality. It is important to safeguard and protect women’s rights against social discrimination.

Job opportunities for women

It is essential to give women equal job opportunities as men in society. But there is a misconception in society that strong and educated women will create problems in society which is not true. It is often seen that women are less paid and have less access to job opportunities regardless of their education, abilities, and experience at work. Hence, it is important to give more job and employment opportunities to the women for the upliftment of the society. This is an important step to make women financially independent and they can also support their family in earning money.

Many women want to do jobs from their homes only so that they can also take care of the family. So, they should be made aware of work from home and freelancing jobs. Freelancing jobs will help them to do a job at their convenience from any place at any time. The government and the public sector should make policies for creating more job opportunities for women and make them an integral part of society. It is important to act against those who are misusing women and do not pay them wages as per their work. Women should feel comfortable and respectful in their workplace.

Legal rights to Empower women

There are still many women who are not conscious of their legal rights because of a lack of education and knowledge. They are not informed about the administration policies and schemes to help them. Because of pressure from society and family, many poor women are still facing domestic violence and social discrimination. Women from poor sections of society are still afraid to complain against their family members. It is important to increase awareness among women about the law and legal rights to help them so that they can make their own decisions and raise their voice against domestic violence. Further, the courts should hear the cases of domestic violence and take strict actions against the real culprits. It is crucial to implement the laws in a time-bound manner and protect the women against any kind of injustice.

Mentoring women and create awareness among them

There are many situations in the life of women where they find themselves alone. Women should be aware of the benefits of their education and legal rights. They should be informed about government schemes and programs. Mentoring programs should adopt to help women in attaining their goals and achieve success in life. It is important to volunteer women around your neighbourhood and guide them to objectify their life goals. Mentoring women skillfully and personally will help them to improve their life. Aware them about new technology and freelancing jobs. Women should get proper guidance to live a happy life.

Proper health facilities for women

Women suffer from many health challenges. Women face more heart attack deaths than men. Also, many health concerns are exclusively found in women only. So, it becomes essential to provide proper health facilities to women. They should be aware of health diseases and given medical treatment to cure those diseases. Women should be empowered by adopting a healthy lifestyle. The government should take health measures and provide free medical check-ups for women. 

To ensure the empowerment and protection of women, the government needs to play important roles to enable the welfare of women in various fields. It is essential to properly implement the government policies whether it is providing job opportunities, free cooking gas, education schemes, or proper health facilities for women. From the past few years, women are empowered and taking their life decisions on their own. It is all because of awareness in the society and education of women.

It is the best time to create changes in society and change their negative perception of women. Men need to support the woman and show respect for her. Women should recognize and discover their eternal value through these steps. It is time for women to be united for their safety, economic development, decision-making roles, and power in their families, communities, cultures, religions, and society. Women should recognize the dignity in themselves and acknowledge their actions to create fairness and accountability in society. They should be able to know how to stand up for themselves. Hopefully, this article helps to empower and protect women. 

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