If young people don’t behave considerately with you, take a long look at your behavior. Young people often mirror our behavior. Adults often treat children as less important than their adult counterparts. Then they wonder how to gain respect from this young generation.

Show respect when it is due, regardless of age. But age differences do cause conflict, whether intentional or not. Seniors may have difficulty getting to know and gaining the respect of younger people. If you wish to gain respect of young people, follow these simple principles.

Be an Inspiration

Youth will respect you wholeheartedly if you are happy and successful in your own life. Set goals for yourself and achieve them sincerely. The young people will see you as an inspiration. They’ll listen to you whenever you have anything to share.

Listen to their Ideas

If they have ideas to share, listen to them without making fun of them. You don’t have to agree with what they have to say. You may disagree with their ideas if you want to but with respect. The most important thing is to allow them to express themselves.

Also, let young people participate in the decision-making process. Get their feedback or advice before deciding, mainly if it affects them. It will create the impression that you believe in them and appreciate their place in the family or group.

Avoid Adultism

Many older people instantly dismiss the thoughts, actions, or presence of people younger than them. Don’t be one of those elders. You’ll never win any respect from anyone if you discriminate based on someone’s age. 

You have to give respect to get respect from your juniors. Be aware that the qualities of maturity and intelligence do not only apply to people born before others. Giving younger people an equal chance could earn you respect and help you learn something new.

Apologize if Required

Everyone makes mistakes, even older people. You shouldn’t be embarrassed or ashamed to admit your mistakes and apologize to youngsters. Apologizing makes you appear like a mature and responsible senior that you should admire and follow in your footsteps. Be humble and apologize whenever you recognize your fault. You will naturally gain respect of young people.

Have Patience

An excellent method of earning the respect of youngsters is to be a gentle guide. If you’re in the position of teaching juniors, show him the same patience as an experienced senior would. Please do not nag or make them feel like a failure. There are still learning, do not make it a painful experience for them. Be patient, and you’ll find someone who values and admires you.

Genuinely Care for Them

It becomes much easier to gain respect if they believe you care for their health and personal life. You must be a good role model and show concern for your junior’s success collectively and individually. Be a kind mentor, and help your subordinates succeed in other aspects of their life.

Be Easy to Approach

Do not shut off youngsters from your daily routine too much. Be more approachable with them, or be the one who reaches out occasionally. If you are open to others, you’ll show them how friendly, sociable, charming, and awe-inspiring you genuinely are. In addition, you’ll be setting yourself up as an excellent model for them. Take all of this together, and you’ll become impressive senior figures to admire.

Never Exploit Them

To gain respect from young people, You must be good to them. Please don’t use your seniority or previous experience to trick them for your benefit. The more you abuse them, the more they’ll be opposed to and disrespect you. Make yourself the kind, and fair person young people wish to emulate. Think win-win in every situation if you want to build a long-term relationship.

Keep an Open Mind

Older people may struggle to keep up with the changes in the world. It is difficult for them to comprehend or accept modern-day young people. This habit hinders them from having an open mind. Youth will develop inclinations and practices that could appear different. However, instead of disciplining them, it is better to be supportive or allow them to be. If you’re accepting them, you could be a part of them.

Be Happy for their Success

Place your juniors in the spotlight when they execute good work. Others will quickly recognize that you are the person who is leading them to achieve success. They will be more willing to receive feedback and direction. Even if they have achieved something great in their personal life or other aspects, be happy for them and encourage them to better.

There is no need to climb the boundaries to gain young people’s trust. Don’t focus on how to gain respect; your simple, sincere actions and gestures are enough. Remember to respect young people, and they’ll be able to appreciate you back.


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