Girls have faced the problem of unbearable period pain in schools without talking about it with anyone. It was considered such a taboo topic that it used to be hard for them to reach out for help and share their experiences. Thank God! Things are much better now in 2022 since people are more educated and accepting of this subject. You can even reach out to your female teachers for help. But if such a situation occurs in your workplace then you have to deal with it all on your own.

Period Cramps are natural things and certainly inevitable for women. But you are strong enough to deal with it enthusiastically and still enjoy your day at work without allowing period cramps to disturb your productivity. Here are some handy tips on how to relieve period cramps fast and make it a wonderful day at work.

Forecast & Plan Your Day

You can keep track of your menstruation cycle with a calendar and predict that day in advance. If your office allows, you can opt for Work from home for that day so you can carry on your work in the comfort of your home. If not, you can still plan a lot of stuff to make that day less painful and more pleasurable.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking lots of water is always a good idea, but consider it a necessity when you are on your periods. A properly hydrated body reduces cramping in muscles & also the uterus and it keeps the bowel movement active. Drink more than 2 litres in a day, keep a bottle of water always handy. You can add some mint or squeeze a lemon in your bottle of water to increase its efficiency and nutrients.

Consume Healthy & Balanced Food

Avoid excessively salty foods as they suck out water from your body and make the pain of period cramps even worse. Avoid eating foods enriched with carbohydrates and high fats like bread, potato chips, pasta etc as they are quite inflammatory foods and will contribute to the strength of the period cramps.

Instead, go for low-fast & high-fibre food. Foods that are enriched with calcium, Omega 3 fatty acids and boron are what reduce period cramps. Go for salmon, leafy green vegetables, turmeric, walnuts, broccoli, almonds and dairy products. Consuming such lite and anti-inflammatory food can help reduce pain and make period cramps more bearable.

Move Your Body Quite Often

Exercise increases the level of endorphins in your body which keep you calm and happy. Making your body move quite often will increase the blood flow in your body even in the uterus which will relieve muscle tension. While you are at work, don’t sit too long in your chair staring at the computer screen. Take little breaks often just to walk around a little and enjoy some fresh air. If needed you can use your washroom to stretch your body.

Avoid Caffeine

Caffeine is not considered healthy when you are on your periods as it will make the unbearable period pain even worse. Avoid any sort of caffeine like soda, coffee, tea or energy drinks.

Treat Yourself with Healthy Drinks

Since you’ll be avoiding caffeine you should definitely treat yourself with cinnamon or ginger tea. They are enriched with anti-inflammatory substances & anti-spasmodic properties, not only they are healthy but they are what reduce period cramps. You can also go for some smoothies that are packed with green veggies. 

Avoid Wearing Tight Clothes

Wearing tight clothes at such times will disturb your body as well as your mind. You won’t be comfortable moving and it can disturb the blood flow around your uterus. If you are allowed to work from home then you can chill in your pyjamas and carry on with your work lying under a blanket. But you can’t show up to your office in your pyjamas. Still, you can opt for more comfortable office wears. For instance, you can choose to wear flat shoes instead of heels and comfortable black trousers. 

Use Heating Pad

Heat can provide the best pleasure you desire while going through period cramps. Applying heat relaxes your muscles and increases the blood flow to the uterus. It can make you feel calm and also relieve pain.

We know that you can’t carry a hot water bag to your office and you don’t even need to. You can get some self-heating menstrual cramp patches from any medical store. You can carry them in your bag and use them whenever you need them. All you need to do is stick it on your skin under your clothes and leave it. You can carry on with your work and it will carry on with its work of providing you with gentle heat.

Take Pain-Killer

If the pain is being hard to bear then you can take some medications. We are not suggesting any birth-control pills but just some regular pain-killer. You can go for morphine, naproxen or ibuprofen. Go for medicine only if the pain is hard to bear, if you think you are doing fine then you can avoid the use of medication.

Now you have plenty of ideas on how to relieve period cramps fast. These are some handy tips to save yourself from unbearable period pain while you are at your workplace. So you can go ahead and enjoy your day making it productive and full of fun.


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