Motherhood. It might make you emotional or remind you of your first step into motherhood but very few give a thought to the physical transformation involved in it. While many consider a Mother to be completely dedicated to the child and there might be instances where everybody will advise you on what to feed the child, how to feed the child, there are few who will actually advise you on your well being, on your self-care, on regaining the physical strength that you had before pregnancy.

Many might even consider it selfish if you think of heading to a Gym when your child is still learning to walk. But there is nothing wrong with working on yourself. A fit Mother means a Fit Family.

We have shortlisted 10 best ways to regain the beauty and fitness post Pregnancy. Make a note of these and remember self-care comes first! Always. Let us begin with Skin, Skin undergoes multiple changes post Delivery. You might find it more oily than it was when you were Pregnant. Puffy eyes, Dark Circles around Eyes and Pigmentation marks are common for some. Others might feel the skin is not as elastic as it was. Thus it becomes important to not just care about skin but overall health that has an impact on skin.

1. Cleanse and Exfoliate

Post Pregnancy acne is common and besides that stress and Sleeplessness due to a child’s sleeping habits lead to sagging, Oily skin. It is important you maintain your regular cleansing and exfoliation routine. Use gentle moisturizing cleansers and exfoliate with natural scrubs like Sandalwood powder.

It is preferred you cleanse your face twice a day and if required thrice. Use gentle non-comedogenic products. Ensure sleeping really well. You must have heard of the common advice from Elders – sleep when your child sleeps. Yes, do exactly that. Get your share of sleep, change the body clock if required for the child but ensure 8 hours of sleep.

2. Post Pregnancy Massage

Post-pregnancy Loose skin is a common concern for everyone. While heading to the gym or taking up yoga help in tightening of the skin, massage helps in proper blood circulation. Suddenly your skin might seem loose and sagging but a massage helps in multiplying the effects of fitness routine.

Besides that, you will not start Gym or fitness activity straight away. Massage, however, can be done post-delivery. Your legs and back might hurt the most. They have held weight for long and now might seem to be shaky and weak. A massage with Almond Oil on feet and Tailbone is very relaxing. Proper Blood circulation helps attain glowing skin as well.

Post-pregnancy massage helps the circulation of blood and helps the expanded tissues to rest. By doing this, you are given a beautiful glow before the pregnancy as well as decreases the marks that you want to get rid of. The pregnancy period is crucial for pregnant women and it is important to monitor pregnancy week by week for the health of both mother and little one. For convenience, try an online pregnancy calculator that shows you the pregnancy week by week highlights, trimesters chart, and even pregnancy key-milestones for your pregnancy. And, try an online due date calculator that helps you to estimates the expected due date of your pregnancy.

3. Sunscreen

Your skin should be protected from UV rays at any cost! Pigmentation is more common post-pregnancy. Increased exposure to the sun without a shield will only aggravate Pigmentation. Wear sunscreen even if you are indoors. Ensure using proper protection and clothing even when outdoors.

4. Stretchmarks

Ideally one should avoid these during Pregnancy by application of olive oil on the belly and breasts. It helps in keeping skin moisturized and the prevention of stretch marks. However, if it has developed already ensure using anti-Stretch mark creams for the same. It might help in lightening the marks.

5. Post Pregnancy Diet

Ensure getting the right amount of iron and Vitamins. Your doctor might even advice you for vitamin supplements. Nevertheless, ensure a proper intake by maintaining a proper vegetable chart. Have green leafy vegetables, cherry tomatoes. Use virgin coconut oil when dressing your salads. Eat 6 small meals a day. Focus on having iron-rich foods as post-pregnancy blood loss causes hair fall among many.

Your energy levels might dip because of the exhausting routine but a proper diet will enable you a smoother journey. The early morning walk will ensure a proper intake of naturally available Vitamin D. Hydrate yourself, drink water like a fish. Irregular time of sleep and food might make you lose track of water intake but ensure keeping bottle hand at all times.

Remember a healthy version of You is healthier Child.

Now that we have stressed enough on skincare post-delivery. We will move to Fitness.

6. Yoga

Even if you were a regular at the Gym before Pregnancy, Yoga has been the most preferred choice of Mother to be and also the most advanced physical activity by the doctors. Yoga works on balancing, breathing and overall fitness. Post Delivery Yoga focuses on strengthening and toning. Your core has to be strong, your body has to be flexible.

All this without overdoing as your body has already been through a phase it needs recovery from. Excessive weight, loose skin, weak bones, bleeding – straight heading to a Gym is not advisable. This phase is not just about regaining fitness but also about recovery.

7. Walking

Never underestimate the effect a long and fast-paced walk can have on your body. Walking makes your lungs and heart fit. It aids in reducing muscular stiffness and pain. It helps improve balance. It gives you the most cherished time with your child. You can head out with a pram and walk distances enjoying the view. Ensure carrying the right supply of water for yourself and the child.

8. Posture exercises

The changes your body goes through during pregnancy are many. The most affected is your posture. You might ignore it but improper posture while feeding can cause sagging breasts. Your back can hurt more often if your posture is not right. Practice moves and stretches that help release stress and improve flexibility. Practice chin Tuck, Tummy twists, neck movements to begin with. Proceed to shoulder and back exercises. Gradually move to tummy twists and circular leg movements.

9. Zumba

Baby fat or post Pregnancy weight – the best way to lose it is Zumba. It helps in improving balance, coordination and it is the best way to de-stress. It helps in toning as well. Ensure your Zumba instructor knows that you are doing it post-delivery and also consult your doctor before heading for Zumba or any other physical activity. Even if you have had a normal delivery, any physical activity should be started to post your body has had its share of rest. Generally, doctors advice to take up any physical activity post 6 weeks however it may vary from person to person depending on how your delivery was.

10. Relaxation

This might sound off the list because many think it is impossible post-birth. But that is not the case. Simple things like a warm water sitz or warm water soak help ease the pain. It relaxes your muscles. Using Heating Pads on breasts or back is also one of the ways women tend to heal from sore breasts. Relaxed muscles are important to ensure you have a proper healing process.

Ensure proper consultation with your doctor before starting any physical activity. Also, make sure you talk to your trainer well in advance about your goals and condition. Always remember self-care and self-love are important. Never compromise on your me-time.

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