Gone are the days when people thought work was the only priority. People have realized that with work and money being an integral part work-life balance is equally important. Spending quality time with self and family ensures better relations and happier life. Our society has seen a drastic change in a way from women being homemakers to them surpassing men in various fields now. They have not only started working but have excelled at being both caregivers and office goers. However, society tends to forget appreciating the effort that goes in doing so. People go through their struggle in maintaining this equilibrium. However, why is this balance so important and how can one maintain it?

It is important for one to have a balance because everyday work can lead to a lot of stress. Stress related to not meeting targets or being underpaid. Increased stress levels can cause severe mental health problems. With mental unhealthiness come physical problems too. Stress is the leading cause of hypertension, depression, anxiety and extreme levels may even cause a heart attack. One has to have the time to focus on themselves, their physical and mental wellbeing which can only come through balance. If you are not healthy or feel lethargic and not upbeat about work how can you be productive. Productivity comes with happy employees and happiness only with proper nutrition, sleep, exercise and other leisure activities. They both are actually dependent to each other.

Some ways one can try to follow a healthy lifestyle are:

Don’t single rule your life.

Ask for help especially for activities you might not be the best at or trying for the first time. It’s ok to not know everything. This reduces burden and stressors and saves time. Asking help from your spouse and sharing the work will not only reduce your burden but also it will help you to complete your work soon. Plan your tomorrow beforehand. Make preparations at night for the following day to reduce workload which will eventually results in making you perform better in your work space.

Prioritize your tasks.

Perform those first, which are important and are the need of the hour. The ones, which can be done later at some point, assign them for future itself. Always make a list. This helps to keep everything on track. Set achievable goals and mark off the completed ones. A sense of achievement makes you feel so much better.

Pamper yourself.

Take out time to focus on your interests. Painting or calligraphy can also help relax. Do yoga, aerobics, or any form of exercise that makes you feel better. Go  a salon session. Get a spa. Relieving stress in any way that suits you is important. Along with working out, try having healthy, light meals. Focus on building a healthy routine. Healthy diet can avoid severe diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and risks of stroke.

Work for fixed hours.

Do not bring your office work home. Once you leave your work place, try not focusing on it or talking about it. Ignore work related phone calls as much as possible. When at work, focus only about your work space. It must be both ways. Try accomplishing your agenda earlier than the deadline. Therefore, you can go home not only early and get more time for yourself but also with a peace of mind.

Sleep for at least 6-8 hours.

Stress can lead to insomnia in many people. A well-rested person feels refreshed, active and alert. They are more focused at whatever they do. Sleep related health issues often lead to fatal.

Keep screen time at check.

Try to limit social media usage. For ten or twenty minutes according to your schedule taking break is ok but without time limit social media eating your time leads to so much of distractions from both your personal and work life. There are n number of apps to monitor your screen time and nowadays even the apps coming with that feature. Make use of it.

Develop the habit of saying no.

If you cannot deny thinking what others will think of you if you say no, they will think you are available all the time and they will start taking you and your time for granted. Say no for things which is not going to benefit either your work life or your personal.


Meditation is the key to keep your life in calm. Mediation also helps one to order his/her life. It helps you to focus on things. To balance between both one shouldn’t be rushing things. He or she should be first listening to their inner soul and understand what it needs. You are your own master.

Professional help

If self-help does not feel enough, try to get professional help. Consulting an expert should be considered when there is need. Do not shy away in asking for help. Everyone needs it at some point of time in his or her lives.

Work is important but one must agree that people around us are way more important. Money brings you happiness but real happiness is in whom you get to spend it with. Less is more if you have a happy, healthy life. You live once. So try to spend your life making the most of it. Do things you have always dreamt of. Take leave; go on that vacation you always wanted to. See new places, meet new people, and learn from their experiences. Learn a new language, a skill who did not know. Take out time for yourself. Focus on what is actually important. Have a sense of accomplishment and be proud of what you have achieved. Balancing between work and personal

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