There’s something special about how happy couples look at each other and seem to love one another. It’s not just with newlyweds but many couples who have been married for a long time now.

Of course, there’s no perfect marriage; every couple faces its challenges. However, some relationships indeed thrive while others go to the side.

Researchers have found that certain behaviors and methods of communication can make couples more content. Let’s look at some notable habits of happy couples.

Habits of Happy Couples

Appreciate Generously

Healthy relationships are built on a pattern of expression that is positive, intimate, and connected. Couples who are healthy aim to recognize and acknowledge their partner daily. It doesn’t need to be extravagant, but it needs to be genuine.

For instance, you can write a note to your partner or send them an encouraging SMS message.

Fair Fight

A relationship with regular disagreements isn’t necessarily toxic. Everyone disagrees, fights, and encounters problems, but how they handle disagreements is important. If you are in a heated argument with your partner, arguing with respect is more effective than alternatives. 

Remember to stay clear of criticism, disdain, or defensiveness during a battle, as these are self-protection impulses. Instead, ensure a fair and respectful fight protects your relationship.

Consider Each Other Love Language

We all receive and give love in our own way; there is no right or wrong. It’s about what’s best both for you and the other person. Your needs are likely to differ, and that’s normal.

Learn about the five love languages given by Gary Chapman, and find out your and your partner’s primary love language.

Happy couples know the ways that their partners prefer to show and receive love.

Ask for What They Want

Your partner isn’t an expert in mind reading. They view the world differently, have different expectations, and experience different things. It is your responsibility to convey your thoughts and desires. Yes, there are times when you’ll have to repeat this process several times.

Healthy couples don’t waste time on assumptions. Instead, they ask what they need and allow room for the needs of their partners. It’s among the best green flags in a relationship.

Make Time for Physical Love

Have you ever heard that physical contact produces a hormone called Oxytocin? Oxytocin is known as”the “love hormone” because it is an essential component in the bonding of a relationship.

Oxytocin also alleviates physical and emotional pain, promotes healthy immune function, and enhances the bond of love. Couples who are happy take time for physical intimacy, no matter how tired or busy they may be.

They are Proud of Each Other

Such couples love to be seen together and usually have some form of intimate touch, like hand-in-hand or a hand placed on the knees or shoulders. They’re not showing off, however; they’re simply saying that they are part of each other.

Meaningful Apologies

In small and big ways, couples cross each other constantly. Being humble and accepting your mistakes is vital to maintaining a long-lasting relationship.

They aim for an apology that demonstrates sympathy for their partner, acknowledges the blame for their actions, and shows they’re trying to correct the problem.

Random Acts of Kindness

It might seem obvious it’s true, but we all require a reminder that kindness is important. Over time, couples that are willing to assist one another with small acts like filling the vehicle with gas, cleaning the dishes, or bringing home pizzas are likely to be more content in comparison to those who aren’t generous with each other.

Accept Each Other’s Families and Friends

Even the most happy couples sometimes are annoyed by their spouse’s relatives and friends. It’s unavoidable. But they also realize that if someone is significant to their spouse, it’s better to smile and then suck it up.

They try to connect with the most significant people in one another’s life. Instead of debating the people they love, they concentrate on their strengths as well as commonalities and discover ways to strengthen their bonds, particularly if it’s crucial to their partner.

They Celebrate Differences, Not Just Similarities

At the beginning of an affair, you and your partner might share many things in common: You’re both introverts who enjoy going on hikes during the weekend and watching horror movies.

As time goes by, it becomes evident that while you might have some similarities, you’re not the same person. Such couples recognize that differences can be fascinating and can help them both improve their relationship.

Some couples are under the false assumption that they’ll share the same activities, share the same beliefs and opinions, and respond to life in the same way. If you don’t, they may feel lonely or even unloved. The most healthy couples can appreciate their partners’ different preferences and reactions and respond to them with curiosity instead of irritation.

The habits of happy couples are different than those of unhappy ones. Every couple has their challenges and pitfalls, even the ones that seem perfect. But, despite difficulties, every relationship has the potential to grow.

Healthy love can be achieved. It’s all about having the desire to achieve it and respecting one another throughout the process.


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