Dear new buds’ mommies, it is the right age for your children to learn more and acquire new skill sets but as good it sounds dealing with never ending energy and always being on your toes is challenging too. We shouldn’t teach our kids to survive, but to be a good human and to be kind. They didn’t ask us to be born. We brought them to this world. So, it’s not right to ask them anything for. We must help them to survive in this world as a good kind human. If you want your kid to be calm, positive and compose first you be one. Forcing them to do things which you failed put unnecessary pressure on them. Instead know their likes and act upon them. Be an example for your kid the way you want him to be. In this article let us discuss how we fail as a parent and how to self-correct ourselves.

Have you been witnessing lot of self-centered people nowadays

is it because parents are not teaching mindfulness of others to their kids or something else? Let’s discuss. Being a parent it’s our responsibility to let the kids know it’s equally important to also consider others needs and wants like they care about theirs. And help them understand other’s different perspective and needs. Ensure that they are the stars of their own life but at the same time they should also respect others and empathy with all the living beings.

Trust the timing.

Even siblings don’t have the same timing of doing things. Then why to compare your kid with the next house Mr. Sharma’s kid. If your kid didn’t spoke yet, stood yet or walk yet don’t put the pressure on them. Trust the time of their own journey of life. Children won’t compare you with their friend’s parents. They are not judgmental by birth. Don’t teach them one.

It’s ok to feel emotions and not to be ruled by one.

When you say it won’t hurt when your kid is really hurt or it is not a big thing when it really means a lot to your kid you are literally denying the reality of your kid. It will forever make them to question their own emotions and make them unable to trust themselves. Give the enough attention to their thoughts too.

No matter what the situation is.

Teach your kids to choose love over hate, mindfulness over carelessness, kindness over being judgmental, taking responsibility over blaming others, long positive outcomes over short negative outcomes and truth over lie.    

Let me tell you a small incident which I had with my kid this morning.

Me and my 5-year-old child are walking past a play area and he stopped me to show something. One mid age lady was spanking her kid. My kid was expecting me to react, but I stood still and told him some parents choose to hit to control their kids from doing mischievous things in public. He with a strong sign told me no matter what hitting is wrong Amma. To understand his mind, I asked him ok what if the kid is not obeying their words. He again told me it’s not right to raise hand instead they can insist again to not to do naughty things Amma. The conversation was interesting, so to trap him I asked what if the kid comes and fight with you for no reason, still they shouldn’t be hit by their parents? I was awestruck hearing his reply. He told me maybe they should take the kid away from me and not hit. We are being adult as a lot to learn from children.

Before questioning yourself if you are failing as a parent, the chances are you are a better parent than you think you are. Still you doubt yourself, the best present you can give your kid is healthy you. Healthy doesn’t only mean only your body but both physically and mentally. The healthy, happy, compassionate, positive mom is what every child dream of.

Befriending with your kid is very important.

Great parents are playful parents. It doesn’t mean you need to play with them every now and then. But being active in their play time will create a strong bond between you and your kid which will help your kid even better and help them in the process of growing.

Teach them to differentiate good and bad touch.

It’s never early for this. None will teach them except mom. It’s your responsibility to let them understand what the world is. It may be inconvenient for you to start the topic but trust me, they will understand. It can be their very own favorite uncle but saying no to inappropriate touch in your absence is OK. Your family should be second and your kid should be the first priority. Be approachable for them to let you know if anything doesn’t work the way it intended to be. Be friendly and open your ears to listen them. 

Learn to say no.

Mothers may say you are grounded for a week in morning only to make an exception the very same night. Be consistent in saying no for things your kids are doing that you are not ok with. You have rights to teach them what is wrong and what is right. In fact, you are supposed to start that from home. But don’t be rude. Tell them the way they understand. No kid come with instruction manual. Each kid is different in their own way. Trust the process and grow old along with your kid. Listen to your child’s daily stories. Teach good things. Tell them what is to be positive. And let your child know you are ok if he/she fails and you are always there to help them out.

For your kid you are the world.

Those little lips, wet kisses in your cheeks, the pain in you belly because of laughing? The stain in your dress, the messy bun and the cracked favorite pot and everything around reminds you of your kid and you. So, make it happier and healthier. Happy parenting.

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