Gifting culture is a form of showing your love to your recipient. By this it doesn’t mean one should always gift something to prove their love, but in your absence the gift is what makes them to keep you in their mind. It recollects the past. It helps in cherishing the happy moments. Research shows that gifting a bad gift can have an effect in your relationship. This extensive list is what you need to check before planning to gift someone.

And it’s always very difficult to gift the opposite gender. Especially gifting male is a tedious task since spending too much doesn’t always guarantee us that it is a well-received gift. And, instead of buying for our choice asking what they want is such a shame. It proves how inefficient we as a person. So, in this article let’s see how you can be sure while picking the gift which your husband or any male friend will love. Let it be any occasion, we have got you covered with so many gift ideas for every type of guy.  

A stylish necktie:

A necktie is a proud accessory your man can own. Clothes make a man. It gives a stylish professional look. If your husband is a work maniac of course he deserves one. Necktie contrast to shirt where the options range from florals to stripes to checked and solid.

Gold ring:

Jewellery is a very personal thing. It remains you of a person pr any special occasion with the person. Rings are never out of fashion and it will be in his finger throughout. Let it be diamond, gold or silver. A ring which comes within your budget or even a couple ring will be a good option if you are planning to gift something expensive. Which will also make him to remember you always.

A skincare collection:

Even though things are changing now most of the guys are not beauty/health conscious. Gift them with a quality skincare product like sunscreen(must), scrub, cleanser and moisturizer. With a easy skincare you can gift him a smooth silky shiny skin tone.


A bring everywhere backpack is something your guy will love to have. Since it is a multipurpose bag, he can carry anywhere like weekend trip to official gatherings. It will also be a onetime investment, but he will carry it everywhere.

Netflix account:

Yes! You read it right. Not only the gifts which you touch, and feel can create happiness but giving him, his space will also create one. By this you can also enjoy all the good movies, series along with your man for all the upcoming weekends.

Travel friendly shave kit:

If your husband is a travel freak or a Monday person a quality, travel friendly and convenient shaving kit will be the best gift idea. The shaving kit which includes from razor to blade cover to blades to post-shave balm along with shaving gel and a stylish leather pouch that’s great for carrying the rest of his toiletries will be a best on the go option.

Wrist watch:

Guys are always fond of watches. The smart watch which alerts to drink water, take records of foot steps, have a account of his heart rate and which will also allow him to Plan his calendar events and alert him for message and calls without plugging in always will be a best option. Buying him a branded smart watch not only serves its own purpose, but it will also help you in tracking his health too.


Sunglasses are season less gift and he will also carry it everywhere. There is a huge collection of sunglasses available both in online and in store. Buy an aviator which suits his shade well, will also enhance his look.

Pair of black shoes:

Elegant, black leather shoes are the ideal present for any husband. Because black shoes go with everything, so he’ll end up wearing the same shoes all the time

Bike accessories/helmet:

Whether he is a casual bike lover or a crazy bike rider, by gifting a helmet you also letting him know that you are concerned about him. It will help protect him from road accidents. Accessories like invisible spray on paint to protect him from night rides, fancy bike covers, bike stickers a rider gloves are also a great option.

Leather wallet:

Wallets have so many colour options and the price ranges vary accordingly. To carry their money and to hold debit and credit cards without any fuss gifting wallet is a great option. There is a belief that while gifting a wallet you need to drop in some money, so that the person will have a good luck and he should also ensure that the wallet will never be empty of money.

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