India is a growing nation, and the growth is visible in different sectors and segments. The once patriarchal mindset is a thing of the past. And one can say that more women are becoming self-dependent instead of relying on someone. We will be discussing the different work environments dominated by women in India. Also, find the critical points of finding a job for yourself in the female dominated careers. You can also opt for the more challenging positions. It all lies in what your heart wants and how you want to progress further.

The government is also fully supporting the activeness of women in the working world. Though a woman’s work is never-ending at home, it remains unrecognized. But an active woman gets praised for her strong will and dedication. There is nothing wrong with the notion, as today’s world requires everyone to be more upfront. One needs to have a rewarding goal. 

Women Dominated Careers in India

We will look at the various studies and research data. Better understand the work situations for women in India. The struggle that ladies brave are not petty and needs serious attention. Yes, there are women-dominated careers, and we will discuss them in detail below.

But do you know that in 2017, the women’s participation ratio in the workforce was only 28.5%? Less than 30% of women are in the working sector out of the Indian population. Presently, opportunities are scarce, and the promotion ladder is narrow. Yet, women are dominating some sectors or holding on their own. The five main sectors of active women participation are –

  1. Nursing
  2. Primary School Teaching
  3. Public Relations (PR)
  4. Human Resources (HR)
  5. Social Work


Nursing is a noble profession and a vital clog in the healthcare system. We cannot find the exact ratio between male and female nurses due to insufficient data. But according to a June 2016 report, there were only 32 male nurses out of the 1125 total. The information is for the well-reputed JJ Hospital in Mumbai. Another report mentions that more than 1,25,000 women join the nursing profession every year.

Primary School Teaching

Primary school teaching is a crucial job in laying down India’s foundation. And also one of the most female dominated careers in India. There is no job that a woman cannot do in India. There are infinite possibilities, from joining the army to working as a scientist at ISRO. Yet, primary school teaching remains a major profession. It is also because teaching young children needs the special skillset of women. 

Human Resources (HR)

Human Resources Manager or HR manager is a managerial job in the corporate world. ‘Smart Indian Women’ website reports that women hold over 50% of positions. The growth and participation of women in the sector are rapid in the 21st century. 

Women enjoy leadership roles and have essential positions like HR heads or VPs. Do you know what makes women shine in the HR field? Granted, women have better communication and adaptability skills than men. Admin of the Smart Indian Women writes that women with sensitive, polite, nurturing, and cooperative attitudes justify the role. 

Public Relations (PR)

Public relation is a significant part of the communications sector. It contributes greatly to the jobs dominated by women in India. But unlike primary school teaching and nursing, PR has significant media involvement. The different skills required in the PR profession are – 

  1. Communication
  2. Multitasking
  3. Nurturing Relations; social and corporate
  4. Diligence

Ironically, the top management consists majorly of male members even though women are leading the cause. 

Social Work

Aruna Roy, Iron Sharmila, Arundhati Roy, Megha Patkar, and Teesta Setalvad – are but a few names known to every household in India. In India, the contribution of men to social causes is not insignificant, but women’s participation is far greater. No one list can do just for everyone involved in improving the social lives of people and the community. 

People often misinterpret social work as a profession, but it’s majorly volunteer work only. Yet, it doesn’t mean that it is not a full-fledged career. Many top institutions also offer full-time courses in the same field. 

These days, ladies’ development in our general public in virtually all areas is exceptional. Over the most recent few years, females have been breaking the cliché shackles of the local area and have come to life like the phoenix. In customary times, females had to stop their professions for their families or after marriage. However, that is not true anymore.

In any case, the truth is that there could be presently no specific female or women occupations; ladies are leaving an imprint for themselves even in male-overwhelmed positions.

There is no work that a female can’t do. Be that as it may, a couple of females need to know India’s best woman dominant careers. One of the essential factors that control ladies’ personal satisfaction is monetary autonomy. Assuming they procure well, they would have the option to bear their consumptions. They wouldn’t need to be reliant upon anybody.


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