In Japan, there is a beautiful concept called Kintsukuroi, which means to fall in love with your flaws. It can remake us and improve our relationships with ourselves.

Kintsukuroi is also an ancient Japanese technique of repairing damaged pottery with gold powder that has the complete opposite effect of an invisible repair.

Instead of trying to conceal the broken side, the fixation of the damaged piece with gold can result in a piece that is more attractive and more durable than the original unbroken piece.

Kintsukuroi, when applied to our lives and the fragility of the human condition, inspires us to look for the beauty in our imperfections.

Reasons to fall in love with your flaws

Flaws make you unique

It doesn’t matter if it’s a crooked tooth, a birthmark on your face, or an eye that’s a little lighter regardless of what you’re “flaw” may be; consider it an indication of being yourself. It’s something that separates you and helps you stick out.

It helps you feel lighter

Engaging in the game of responding to or denying your flaws and striving to conform to someone else’s notion of perfection can be extremely harmful and draining. Accept your imperfections and your uniqueness. It’s liberating and makes you feel lighter.

You focus on who you are

Suppose you accept your imperfections and get rid of the notion of being perfect. You are able to discover your true self. Many people take the most bizarre of adventures to discover who they are while all they have to do is shed the notion of who they are.

You become honest with yourself

When you accept your imperfections, you become more honest with yourself and accept that you’re not the perfect person. It allows you to evaluate things from a different perspective.

In a broad sense, you’re presenting your reality more solidly and not built on a false idea of yourself. It means you are less likely to get smashed or damaged when things go to the wrong side because you assess your life challenges by perspective, not with anxiety or confusion.

You stop feeding your ego

One of the traits that make up the personality is its tendency to be self-centered and playful. Our ego can have internal dramas whenever the reality of life doesn’t match reality. Having a more realistic view of yourself and the world around you will help to dispel the dramas of the ego and place it into its place.

You’re healthier mentally

It is the only way to end the inner fights that consume our time and energy and put us in poor health. Inner conflicts are usually the result of a negative self-image.

So, those who have accepted their true selves and are living in peace with themselves are healthier. Peace radiates from their body since they’re less overwhelmed and stressed by their internal conflicts and fights.

You accept others’ flaws

Once you learn to accept your imperfections and accept that you’re imperfect, you will also begin being open to the shortcomings of others. You are less irritable and impatient with the things others do. You’re less likely to judge others, especially in a love-hate relationship, and this gives you more room to embrace and accept the way that they are without any expectations.

Simple ways to love your flaws

Accept what’s true for yourself

Don’t try to run away, avoid, from, or pretend to hide that we have gotten your “flaws” away. We refer to one part of our body, personality, relationships, careers, or lives as flaws. It is necessary to be honest about it before we can make any changes.

Express and admit the core feelings

Identify the issue, acknowledge it, and express the real feelings you’re feeling in relation to this perceived flaw. You can achieve a genuine feeling of freedom for yourself.

Positive emotions are created when they are expressed appropriately. They can turn negative if you suppress them and deny them.

Let go of the drama and pain of the situation, which is caused by our inability to express and the repression of these emotions, and not the emotions themselves.

You can forgive yourself

We’ve somehow learned to be harsh on ourselves and to believe that forgiveness comes from somewhere or someone other than us. But true forgiveness is within us, and that is what makes us truly free.


Appreciate means to acknowledge the worth of something. We can reach a point of gratitude and appreciation for the knowledge gained from the difficulties. In that case, we will be able to let go of feeling guilty for ourselves). It is impossible to feel guilt and happiness at the same time.


The most effective remedy for any sufferer is the power of love. The ability to accept your flaws and take care of them with compassion and kindness (as you would with children, pets, or a loved one) will ultimately help you heal and enable the transformation you’re seeking to occur.

Kintsukuroi shows us that even if we’re broken, we can fix ourselves. Through these repairs, we’ll appear and look more beautiful and also feel more powerful than we did previously. Just look at ceramic pots that have been restored using Kintsukuroi to appreciate the beauty of this method immediately. You can always choose to fall in love with your flaws.


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