Holi is one of the most-awaited and exciting festivals in India. We play with colors & water, dance to traditional and Bollywood songs, and enjoy tons of delicious sweets, especially Gujiya. Although Holi is all about fun, you must have heard of many wicked incidents on women while they were playing. Unfortunately, some molesters with evil intentions can ruin someone’s else festival and make them scared to play Holi again. In this article, we have mentioned some practical tips that can help you ensure safety for women, so you and everyone around you can enjoy Holi at its best.

Holi Safety Tips for Women

Be in a Group

When you are out playing Holi, be in a group of people you can trust completely. It is difficult for offenders to target anyone with a group, and many will not dare to mess with a group.

Avoid Intoxicants

Since it’s Holi, you may want to drink a few sips of Bhaang in the name of tradition, but it is wise not to get involved in it way too much. Keep your wits and senses intact while playing holi.

Carry Your Mobile

You might be worried that carrying your phone with you while playing holi may ruin it. Still, your phone can be a lifesaver in emergencies. Carry your phone into a waterproof bag, or you can take along an alternate phone which, if it gets lost or destroyed, won’t bother you. Have your emergencies number ready on speed dial.

Shout ‘No,’ If Needed

Suppose you feel an uncomfortable touch, negative vibes, or bad intention from someone. Don’t hesitate to say no to them. If needed, you can also shout out loud to break their courage.

Ask for Help

If you are in a Holi event, you can ask for help from volunteers if there is any problem. Suppose you are somewhere out in public, and someone makes you feel uncomfortable. In that case, you can reach out to police or other groups of people with a mix of both men and women.

How to Keep Women Safe Around You

Set Strict Rules

If you are organizing an event for Holi, then set strict rules saying that any kind of harassment is intolerable. Make an announcement for this rule a couple of times in the event so that no one will dare to do so. If there is some incident, don’t hesitate to point out the culprit and remove him from the event.

Keep an Eye on Drinks

In an event, make sure that no intoxicants are allowed there. Keep an eye on drinks so that no one dares to mix anything in them. Consider this one of the most important holi safety tips.

Be Alert

While you are playing holi with your group, Keep an eye out for strangers, you can spot the person trying to get too close to girls and can certainly feel their vibes. Be on alert for such people, and try to avoid them as much as possible.

Take Care of Your Group

Keep a check on your group members time and again. Don’t leave anyone behind while leaving an event or any place after playing Holi. Make sure every man, woman, and kid in your group is safely ready to return home.

Be a Man

If you are a male, then take responsibility for the safety of your companions. We have to make women feel safe around us so that they can enjoy Holi at its best. Before heading out to play, keep in mind these points

  1. Don’t be a molester. Play holi for the fun and gathering, don’t take it as an opportunity to carry out some dirty intentions with anyone, not with anyone from your group or any stranger. Be firm in your mind and actions so that women can feel the positive vibes from you.
  2. If you see other guys talking about such activity, don’t encourage them. Discourage them to even joke on this matter and make them aware of how serious this situation can be.
  3. After playing Holi, make sure all your female friends can reach their homes safely. If needed, drop your female friends off first at their home and then head towards your home. 
  4. If you are a male, then be a man. Be a man whom anyone can trust and feel safe. Be the man to whom anyone can reach out for help. Contribute to making a comfortable, safe, happy, and fun environment for everyone around you to enjoy this beautiful festival.

With all these points in mind, you can enjoy Holi and ensure safety for women while playing Holi. Just a healthy reminder that you stay hydrated while playing Holi; all the dancing, moving around, playing, and eating sweets will take a lot of energy. Please stay safe and have a lot of fun. We wish you a Happy Holi.


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