Though not as common as fifty years ago, the patriarchal mindset is still prevalent in India. Women get equal opportunities in all fields of work and sports. But do women actually participate in the said fields? Yes, there are more women in the working sector. But what about the sports and games area? There is a need to encourage more women in sports. 

Historically, the participation of women is consistently lower. Granted, the opportunities for women were far too low and few. But the times are changing, and people appreciate female sports. Cricket is the most popular sport in India, and people treat both national teams equally. Everyone understands the need for women’s participation not only for gender equality but also for psychological purposes.

We will be looking at the methods to include how more women can participate in sports. Do you know the best way to increase women’s participation in local and global sports? Boys and girls play evenly during childhood, but changes become apparent as they grow.

While boys have a lot of role models, girls do not have the same benefits. And so, there is a need to educate girls about the various women participants who have made records and created legends. 

Having a role model in any field can be rewarding, and the same is the case to encourage female participation in sports. Indian female athletes with outstanding records can act as role models for young girls.

Great Indian Female Athletes and Their Participating Sports

S.NFamous Athletes of IndiaSport
1PV SindhuBadminton
2Saina NehwalBadminton
3Saina MirzaTennis
4Mary KomBoxing
5Deepika KumariArchery
6Mithali RajCricket
7Dipa KarmakarGymnastics
8Sakshi MalikWrestling
9Tania SachdevChess
10Rani RampalHockey

As you can see, women are not limited to any particular sports only; indoor games like chess; aggressive games like boxing and wrestling; archery, badminton, gymnastics, etc. Sania Mirza, Mary Kom, and Mithali Raj have shown that women can also create legends. Look at the barriers that women face when participating in different sports. 

Obstacles Faced by Women Participating in Sports

  1. Some worry about appearance and self-perception
  2. Social generalizing and badgering
  3. Restricted good examples because of unfortunate media inclusion
  4. Absence of abilities or seen absence of commands
  5. Males are overwhelmed by sports culture and peer pressure. 
  6. Lack of young ladies just gatherings
  7. Family responsibilities and household chores. 
  8. Study and work time pressures for girls who also have academic goals. 
  9. Lack of childcare for married women or single parents. 
  10. Costs that can be very high for an individual to cover. 

We have also listed the ways of improving female participation in sports. There is a need to increase women’s participation to broaden their worldview. Parents openly support their little ones, but how can society also contribute to this noble work. 

How can the community help in engaging more women in sports? 

Increased Possibilities

Open her eyes to what she could do. Rousing ladies with true stories they can connect with can assist with preparing investment.


Sharing her goals increments responsibility. A companion’s greeting makes sports cooperation more appealing, and there is likewise more critical security in larger groups.

Associating with companions is fulfilling, and holding turns into severe strength areas for inspiration.


Guarantee she has in the background support. Support from individuals in her regular day-to-day existence (especially family) is fundamental to supported cooperation.


Provides her with a feeling of belonging and proper guidance. Moderate improvement, encouraging feedback and putting forth sensible objectives assist with supporting investment and having a place causing her to feel included and esteemed. Cooperation in sport should be charming and give an encounter worth rehashing; customized contact underlies regard and acknowledgement.


Assist her with pondering her accomplishments and zeroing in on having a decent outlook on oneself and the wearing experience, incorporating her social process.

The barriers and obstacles will continue to hinder women’s participation in sports. But it doesn’t mean that there are no specific ways to increase female participation in sports. The invisible barriers and gender inequality in sports are something that will prevail. But one doesn’t need to worry too much about them and focus on their games. The influence of like-minded people can also impact one’s growth in athletics. 

As sports overseers, club panels, and even mentors, it’s essential to have comprehension and familiarity with the hindrances and inspirations connected with the female contribution to the coordinated sport. It permits you to recognize how you can change the way of life, climate, and exercises you deal with to empower and increment support.

On the off chance that a young lady’s or alternately ladies’ opposition doesn’t exist, begin requesting it. Backer and request your game association to open new pathways for female members. Suppose your club doesn’t have female groups or choices that incorporate them, fire setting it up!

Establish a climate where ladies and young ladies feel great, protected, esteemed, and involved. It could mean society should change social and individual outlooks.


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