As we all are all fighting against this pandemic and facing this lockdown situation, many people are still feeling boredom and waste their time in their homes doing nothing productive. We can make use of this lockdown period to succeed in our life. So, we bring here the most important skills which you can learn to utilize spare time and earn a good amount of money in the future. These skills will also help you in diversifying your income streams and improve your overall personality. You can easily learn these skills through many of the available online courses from your home using the Internet. There are many sites like Udemy, Coursera, Harvard, Oracle, etc. which are providing the courses for free of cost in this pandemic situation. So, start grabbing this opportunity to develop new habits and learn some essential skills in your spare time.

Communication skills

Communication plays an important part in everyone’s life. But many times, people find it difficult in communicating with other people. In our daily life, it becomes important to communicate effectively with other people. So, it becomes essential to develop good communication skills for every person to manage interactions with other people, businesses, and organizations. We can easily learn communication skills by watching many online courses and practicing those skills in our daily life. We cannot master this skill in a short time. But after applying this skill in our daily life, we can improve communication skills regularly, and this will help to master this skill. Mastering communication skills will help you in boosting your confidence and impress the people. 

Copywriting skills

Copywriting is the ability to use the written text for marketing and influencing people. Copywriting skill is a special kind of skill that can be used for persuading people to take a specific action. Copywriters create creative content for advertisement and marketing to increase brand awareness. To learn copywriting skills, there are many videos available on YouTube and Udemy for free. But you should gain experience in this field to become a good copywriter. You can do copywriting exercises regularly to master this skill. Once you master this skill, you can directly approach companies or use freelancing sites to get your job as a copywriter. 

Learning Musical instruments

If you have an interest in learning guitar, piano or any other musical instruments, then it is the perfect time for you. You can utilize this free time in learning those instruments by using many of the available free videos on YouTube and Udemy.

Content writing skills

For the last many years, there is a huge demand for content writers. You can use this spare time in writing blogs or improving your writing skills. You can enhance your writing skills from many helpful blogs and YouTube videos. Moreover, if you master this skill, you can create your blog or get job offers from many bloggers. So, it gives you an extra source of income by writing articles and blogs from any part of the world.

MS Excel

MS Excel is a spreadsheet produced by Microsoft to calculate, format, and analyze the available data for various purposes. MS Excel has many features of calculations, graphing tools, and other functions to analyze the statistical and financial information. You can learn MS Excel from online websites like Coursera and Udemy for free. It will help you to get a job in data entry and financial sectors. Microsoft Excel is the basic requirement of many trending jobs. So, invest some time in learning this software.

Social Media Marketing

In this digital world, social media marketing has proven to be a good marketing strategy to promote products. To increase brand awareness, many companies are hiring social media managers. There are many tips and tricks available online to start doing social media marketing. You can take the help of various online blogs or YouTube videos to learn this skill. You should find ways and strategies to increase followers and keep your followers engaged to master this skill.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a new way of earning income by promoting the brands and services of other E-commerce companies using affiliate links. You just need to generate their sales to earn money. There are many popular companies like Amazon and Flipkart who have an affiliate program. You require to register on their affiliate program and share your affiliate links to earn income from affiliate marketing. There are many other ways and strategies which you can easily learn by reading various blogs and articles to increase your affiliate earnings.

Investing in the Stock Market

You should begin investing some amount of money in the stock markets to generate additional income or profit. But before investing you should be aware of various ways and strategies in the stock market. You should have a proper understanding of trading and the investments which you can learn from many of the available online courses. There are many paid and free online courses for stock marketing from beginner to advanced level at Udemy. You will require patience and dedication in investing to become a successful investor.

Write a professional Resume

Resume writing is an important skill to help anyone to seek a better job. There is a good demand for professional resume writers who can craft the resume professionally and formally to attract the interviewer. An expert resume writer has expertise and experience in resume writing. You can learn this skill by online courses from Coursera which are available free of cost in this quarantine period. 

Web development and Graphic designing

Nowadays, there are plenty of jobs available for web developers and graphic designers. The work of a web developer is to create and modify the website according to the specifications given by the client. You should learn languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, React, PHP, etc. to acquire this skill. You can get free access to all the online video content required from the oracle website to learn web development. You can also use websites like w3schools to learn the languages required to become a web developer. A graphic designer can add visual effects to the content of the website and improve the value of the website. Graphic designing skills will provide an optimized user interface to the website and create a positive impression on the visitors of your website. You can learn graphic design by watching online videos and practicing this skill regularly at your home. If you learn both the skills of web development and graphic design, then it will become easier for you to get a job from many companies and earn a good amount of cash.

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