During this lockdown period, it has become a very difficult situation for many women. They are unable to get any new job opportunities, and some had even lost their current jobs. Many of the companies are not accepting any new job applications because of this pandemic situation. So, many of the women face difficulty in finding any new jobs in their interested fields which they can easily do from home. There are many works from home jobs available on the internet for women. But there are also many scams in work from home jobs. So, it is important to have complete information about the clients you are working for and the payment method from which they will pay you. In this article, we will discuss some of the best job opportunities available for women in this lockdown period. These jobs will make them financially independent and can easily work in their leisure time.


It is important to have an interest in article writing to become a good blogger. If you have good writing skills and you want to showcase this skill to the world, then you can opt for a blogging job. You can write blogs for your website or can do this work for other bloggers. To take blogging and content writing as a work from home job in this lockdown period, it is essential that you have your creative ideas and thought. You can share your opinions on your interested topics and write articles on those topics. You can work for many other clients who are searching for unique and interesting blogs. You can easily get those jobs from social media platforms and freelancing sites like Freelancer and Fiverr. With the gain in experience, you will have more expertise in this field.


It typically requires certain skills if you want to be a successful YouTuber. There are many interesting topics on which you can create videos and upload them on YouTube. It can be singing, dancing, teaching, comedy videos, storytelling, movie explanation, book review, etc. In this lockdown period, you can post your videos on YouTube on your interested topics with your unique thoughts. It will require good communication skills and you should be able to influence your subscribers to get more views and subscribers at YouTube. It takes time to monetize your YouTube account and earn money. It requires your dedication and creative ideas to become a successful YouTuber.

Data entry jobs

It is relatively easier to get data entry jobs as compared to other jobs. It requires very few basic skills like computers and access to the Internet to get data entry jobs. But, because of this, there are many scams and fraud activities trapped in these data entry jobs. Those fraudsters will tell you to pay first to seek data entry jobs. So, it is important to be cautious while searching for this job. Never pay anyone to get these jobs. Try to search for these jobs at well-established sites and check the ratings of the client. Never share your private details with anyone which is not necessary for this job. Due to more crowds in this field, it takes time to get these data entry jobs.

Freelancing platforms

In this digital world, many clients directly approach to freelancers using freelancing sites. Freelancing jobs are perfect in this lockdown situation. You can easily work from home in your spare time and earn money. You just need to log in at the top freelancing sites and mention your skills to get a job. There are many freelancing jobs such as Content Writing, Data Entry, Ghost-writing, Data scrapping, Graphic designing, web development, Android app development, and many more. You can choose your skills and get hired by the clients. There are many trusted free trusted sites like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, Guru, Skyword, etc. to find work. Simply signup at these sites and get a job as per your skills and convenience. But because of a lot of competition, it becomes difficult for new freelancers to get jobs on these platforms. But with the experience in your work, it will easier for you to make your career as a freelancer and become financially independent.

Copywriting jobs

Copywriting is a special skill in which you need to persuade and attract customers to take a particular action using your creative ideas and writing. Copywriters are primarily responsible for writing interesting texts on several advertisements to increase brand awareness. You need to influence other people to purchase products. Copywriting jobs can be easily available on the Internet. But you require the expertise in copywriting skills to get good jobs. It is important to gain experience in this field to develop the strategies of copywriting. In this lockdown period, you can get copywriting jobs using various social media and freelancing platforms.

Digital marketing jobs

With the advancement of technology, marketing trend and strategies keep on changing. Digital marketing is a new marketing strategy to increase brand awareness and enhance the reach of the people. Nowadays, there is a huge demand for digital marketers. Digital marketing jobs include digital marketing managers, SEO and SEM specialist, Data Analyst, UX designers, social media managers, VR developer, Email Marketing specialist, etc. So, choose the field as per your interests and skills. There are many online companies which are providing digital marketing jobs. You can directly approach those companies or use freelancing sites to get a job in this field. Depending upon your experience and expertise in the field, you can earn cash.

Online tutoring

Due to the lockdown situation, many people are interested in learning new skills from online courses. If you have good teaching skills, you can create your online video content and post those videos on online sites. You can post that content on your website or any of the well-established sites like Udemy. You can make these courses paid or free depending on the quality and demand of these videos. You simply need to upload that video content on reputed educational sites. Initially, it is recommended to make these courses free so that your more students can join and provide ratings to your courses. After getting a positive response from the students, accordingly, you can decide the price of the courses.

Academic and Public Relations writing

Academic writing is a good job opportunity for those people who have a special area of expertise in any educational subject or discipline. If you are good at writing research papers, drafting curriculums, and emphasize the students for their career, then this field is perfect for you. You can also narrate and explain academic writing on various online websites dedicated to your subject of interest. There should be clarity and smooth flow in your explanation. Public relations writing is also another job opportunity for those people who have expertise in writing a press releases, newsletters, bulletins, and media relations. There has been advancement in the media and corporate industry from the past few years. So, the demand for good public relations writers is increasing in the past few decades. You should have good communication skills and writing ability to achieve success in this field. You can directly search for public relations jobs in google. You can also find many jobs available at freelancing sites like Upwork, freelancer, indeed, glass door, Simply Hired, etc.

So, pick up the job of your interest from this list and start doing your work. You can easily get a good job opportunity if your skillset is good. These jobs can not only make you financially independent but also help you in becoming popular around the world. You just need to start your work and with gaining some experience, you may become an expert in your work. Remember that you must start to become famous. Hence, start with new work from home experience and achieve success in your career with hard work and patience.

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