Time is finite, and we live like we’ve all the time on earth. We waste time on things that aren’t important. It could be anything from distractions on social media to working cluelessly. Every person is susceptible to these distractions. The good thing is once you’ve identified the source, you can take steps to save time.

If you’re among the people who believe they’re always busy but do not get anything done and need to do more, then you’re just wasting time. To aid you in managing your time better and avoid the loss of precious time, we’ve put together some of the biggest time wasters we’re regretting in life.

Social Media

Social Media is one of the apparent time wasters in life. It’s crucial to consider whether it’s worth spending several hours scrolling social media.

The push notifications can be disruptive, and interruptions can slow down your work. It takes, on average, 22 minutes to return to your flow after an interruption.

It’s OK to shut down your social media platforms during work unless your job requires you to be connected to social media. There’s simply no sense in wasting that much time. Make a conscious effort to avoid becoming on the lookout for social networks. You’ll be amazed at the amount of work you can accomplish!


Multitasking doesn’t work as well as you believe it to. In terms of effectiveness, we only focus on specific tasks simultaneously. What we call multitasking is only switching between different tasks. In the end, all that we are doing is wasting our time. It means your productivity and attention span decrease, and you can only achieve a little.

Spending Time with Toxic People

Every person you meet is not genuine; some suck away your energy and self-worth along with your time. Be aware of the signs of a toxic person.The best thing you can do is to stay away from such toxic people around you. You can instead spend your time with people that make you happy and can bring the best out of you.


We constantly put off the most difficult tasks and leave them for the very last minute. It is among the most common reasons for a loss of productivity. Be sure to take the time to do things that may seem daunting initially. If you put off tasks and delay, you’re inefficient and putting yourself in a position for disappointment in the future.

However, it’s not just the pending work; procrastination also brings a feeling of guilt and insufficient emotional regulation.

Lack of Organizing

Organizing is the only way to achieve your goals if you’re looking to be productive and accomplish your goals. Organize your time, your calendar, and your workspace. A tidy calendar can make you get rid of the feeling that you are overwhelmed. In the same way, keeping your workstation clean and neat will allow you to perform at your best without feeling overwhelmed. Keeping a list of productive things to do on Friday can help you manage your coming week successfully.

Clueless Meetings

Meetings aren’t always worth your time. They generally consume a lot of time. Setting a specific goal or plan can make the meetings you attend worthwhile.

Without a transparent plan, meetings are simply a bunch of people talking. You’ve likely attended several such meetings on your own.

Perhaps your weekly meeting changed into a casual gathering. Maybe you called an emergency meeting but ended up with people in the room voicing their grievances that had nothing to do with the reason the meeting was scheduled. 

No Delegation

It’s challenging to comprehend how work could waste your hours if you try working on everything yourself. Suppose you have more important things to accomplish and are tinkering with administrative tasks you can delegate to others. In that case, you may have fallen victim to a time-wasting activity.

This one is tricky because it’s like working. However, if there’s an alternative option to using your time and an employee that can easily assume the job, it’s a time waster. A key aspect of being a successful manager is delegating tasks.

Poor Communication

Communication issues could negatively affect a company; however, the failure to communicate is also a waste of time. It needs to be more than accountable for the lost time due to poor communication. You must also make sure you communicate to correct the errors. Proper communication can save a lot of time by eradicating errors and corrections.


Most of the time, planning is an excellent method of avoiding wasting time. However, there’s a time when it’s possible to go overboard with the planning process. Knowing when you should stop planning and start taking action will ensure that you don’t let your planning become a time waster.

It is impossible to be perfect, and it can sabotage your efficiency. If you set too high expectations, it’s not just detrimental to your health and well-being, but you’re not willing to accept things that do not go according to plan. The process of overcoming this mindset is complex; however, take small steps, and begin by staying focused on the immediate objective.

These are some of the biggest time wasters that we’ve regretted. Instead of engaging in such activities, you can follow certain productivity hacks for great success.


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