Twentieth century can easily be called the century of social media. Each passing day a new application shows up. It does not matter what hardship we face in real life but people only portray their best side on such platforms. It just became one perfect picture or one perfect post. It is not only social media; we in our daily lives too try on at least three to four outfits just to find the right one. What is the agenda here? The answer to this is acceptance. We just want to fit in our social circles. We are looking for comfort, respect and trust from people around us. We want people to like us.

However, are we happy with all the judgement we have for ourselves? We have become uncomfortable with our own body, skin types, dressing style and everything. Apart from that, we at times are not satisfied with our life choices. We always have a feeling that what the other person is doing is much better.

Giving it some serious thought will makes us realize that others opinion is not that important. What others find attractive might not be our sense of liking. Everyone is bound to have a choice.

Have you ever wondered what the most successful person do in their life to stop caring about what others think about them? Don’t worry. We are here to tell you the secret.

Start thinking about yourself more highly.

Underestimating self is a major reason why we seek acceptance from others. We should realize that if we cannot surpass our insecurities we are doing ourselves wrong. Work on making yourself a better person than what you were yesterday. Realize your worth. Engage into activities that give you confidence. Self-compassion and self-worth is important.

Get involved into things that make you happy.

If eating at odd hours or watching tv for hours in bed brings a smile on your face, do that. Do not stuck to the rules that others have made for you.  You get one life so always live it on your own terms but healthily.

Honestly, people will judge you no matter what you do.

So why be uncomfortable and try to please others while you can be in your own space and make yourself  happy. In addition, it is quite possible that people who want you to be of their choice may be having the same anxiety thinking what others think of them.  

Do not try to dwell on the past.

What has happened cannot be changed so beating yourself up for it won’t make any sense. You do not have to bother about people not going face the reality. It’s you who should face it.

Try to find positivity in failures too.

If things do not go your way, do not be gloomy about it. See where you went wrong or things you could have did differently to avoid the same instead of asking their comments on your personal life.

Try talking to people who will understand you, accept you rather than judge you.

Find and befriend people who make you feel safe and comfortable in your own skin. Be yourself. Do not avoid putting up your point thinking you will offend the receiver. You have a voice use it to speak your mind. You are made different to create diversity. Try to take help from people to overcome self-loathing.

Learn to love your company.

Do things alone like travelling, eating and shopping.

Pat yourself at even the smallest achievements you make daily.

Be appreciative of little things in life. People do not have half the amenities we have. If you wake up having a roof over your head, have food to eat, water to drink and clothes to wear you are already doing so much better.

Start doing some type of work out.

It can be walking, yoga or even kick boxing. Treat your body like the best thing. Set goals and work towards them. Keep track of your progress so when you look back at it you will realize how much you have achieved.

The list can actually go on. It depends on how much you can do for yourself. Self-love is the best kind. It takes time to stop caring about what others think of you and focusing on us because we are humans and emotions are what makes us one. Once we do start, focusing on what makes us happy instead of the society, life will be easier and million times better.  Honestly, people will hardly look away from their phone and take a glance at you.

Conversations have mostly become digital and personalities what you portray on these platforms. People voice their opinions only hidden behind a username now. So why bother about them when they do not have the confidence to show up and say things in person. We are unnecessarily bothering about others thus, losing ourselves in the process of pleasing people. You are considered to be most powerful when you stop seeking their approval. The biggest cage people live in is the fear of what others think of them. Let us put an end to that and start living, loving and laughing.

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