As everyone posts updates of their lives on social media, it’s easy to be caught up in comparisons and question our lives how others have brought a house, tried out different cuisine, and go places. At the same time, I am stuck in a rented place. 

Everyone has fears, and social media can fuel these if you’re not mindful. It’s easy to become enthralled with likes and your friends’ online presence on social networks. With everything at our fingertips and at a point in which we are prone to consume more than we can give, which can lead to entitlement on our part.

The posts posted by people on social media could easily make you jealous and fearful of your life. How will you handle such insecurities? These tips will teach you how to deal with insecurities caused by social media.

Learn how social media works

You can avoid anxiety by being aware of the social media landscape. Remember that most people post their life highlights via social media. They upload edited photos, those of which were one out of hundreds. No one talks about their low moments and normal day. Thus, we live in an illusion that everyone else is living the best days of their lives. Why should you consider comparing your normal life and low points to other people’s best moments? Learn how the social media industry works so you do not feel embarrassed.

Focus on your goals

Social media posts are similar to advertisements. Posts from other users will easily convince you that you must take the same actions, eat what they had, and go to places they went. If you don’t take action to do as they did, you’ll feel FOMO. Be clear about your objectives to stay out of such inner conflict. However effective other people announce their efforts are, you won’t be unsure and will be capable of resisting the urge to emulate their actions if you’re clear about your objectives. Maybe others are getting married in their 20s; meanwhile, you have certain goals to pursue, and your marriage can wait until 30.

Unfollow toxic people

Suppose a small number of people make you feel insecure. Unfollow them. Some people are braggers on social networks. One of the best methods to stop feeling inferior is to stop following them. Decide what and whom you follow. Select to read and view posts that will keep you motivated, smiling, and encouraging.

Be happy for your friends

Sharing the same goals and witnessing others achieve things you’ve never achieved is sure to lead to anxiety. How can you avoid this? Know that you are in the learning and growing stage and will surely achieve your goal. Instead of sitting in the dark of your mind, be happy for your friends and take motivation from them. When you’re motivated and inspired, you can improve your life and not be anxious. 

Find Mentors

Do you see your friends earning profits from their passions? Get motivated to run your own business. Your friends through social networks aren’t opponents and foes. You could even ask them for advice about how you can become successful in your profession. If you change your perspective, your social media accounts will be packed with motivations from different sources, which will motivate you to be better. 

Shares and Like are just numbers.

Did you know? Followers and likes are often fake, and it is possible to purchase them. However, they’re simply numbers designed to promote a particular brand. In the end, no technology will ever be able to beat real-life customers and friends. Even if your friends are getting ten times more likes than you, how will it affect your life? Please don’t bother about likes and shares; they are merely numbers.

Don’t judge people as their online profile

The person you find online may not be as cheerful as they seem at first glance. One friend who keeps posting political posts isn’t as savage as they appear. A friend could sound quiet online and make them appear robotic. Still, you realize they’re incredibly lively and talking in the real world. On the other hand, that friend who shares sad content on their social media accounts might not be as sad as they appear. Many people distinguish between their online identity and the reality we live in every day.

Digital detoxes now and again

Take a break from social media if changing your attitude and perception aren’t enough to help you overcome insecurities. You can practice digital detox every once in a while. Digital detox includes limiting your social media usage and taking a break by deactivating your accounts periodically.

Make sure that social media isn’t your demons by learning how to utilize it effectively. Your feed should be filled with posts that inspire positive thoughts and help your mind to begin looking for the good in every aspect of your life. There is plenty of time to be successful, and you are doing great. Keep your eyes on the larger scene in front of you. You’ll then be able to deal with insecurities caused by social media with ease.


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