Being in a new relationship makes everything so exciting. Still, if you ignore some apparent signs of a toxic person in a relationship, in that case, things will get messier, and everything will seem like a mistake. We are talking about romantic relationships here, but such matters are pretty similar in the case of friendships as well; it’s okay to part ways from such friends. They can take a toll on your mental and emotional health.

Here is a list of some warning signs of a toxic relationship that you should not ignore during the initial days of your relationship

Easily Jealous

If your partner gets jealous quickly when you are with other friends or even your family members, it is not a good sign. This behavior of getting jealous shows that he doesn’t have enough trust in you. They will feel bad if you enjoy your life without including them in an event. You don’t want to cut off with your other friends to keep him jealousy-free, would you?

Making You Feel Guilty

Many boys are often more dramatic than girls are believed to be, and they make things messier and more complicated. They will twist their words and experiences to play the victim and make you feel guilty for their emotions. You can notice them being an attention seeker for your apologies.

Destructive Criticism

If your partner has a habit of hitting you with criticisms quite often, which lowers your self-esteem and confidence, then don’t hesitate to move away from them as soon as possible. No one deserves to be around such a negative person, whether a partner, friend or family member.

Self-centered Nature

They might have a self-centered nature where they want everything to happen according to their wish and want control over everything. Such people don’t care about the other people or events that you care for. They won’t show any interest in your thoughts, emotions, and plans and expect you to act according to their wishes every time.

Suck Out Your Energy

If your partner makes you feel mentally exhausted after spending some time with them, it’s time to move on. If their presence does not uplift your energy, what is the point of having a relationship then? Make a rough decision and stay away from them.

No Respect for Boundaries

Even if you don’t have anything worth hiding, your partner still has no reason to check your phone. Some guys feel that it is acceptable for them to cross certain boundaries and ask you not to make a big deal about it. Just don’t let them cross your physical, mental, or emotional limits, be with someone who can respect boundaries.

Being Competitive in Relationship

You don’t want to be in a relationship where your partner is keeping a scorecard of the number of things he did for you and for what you did for him. If such behavior continues, his expectation from you will keep on increasing. There should not be any room for any competition in a relationship; both should provide, make the other feel special, plan surprises, and create memorable moments without keeping any score.  

Overly Attached

Love is beautiful and can make things around us feel magical, but getting attached to someone is venomous. Many people confuse physical attachment with love. This might sound weird, but it is one of the most ignored signs of a toxic person in a relationship. If he has made you the top priority in his life, everything in his mind will revolve around you. At first, you might think it’s kind of cute, but later on, you’ll realize that things are getting out of hand. He will want to be with you throughout the day and make unnecessary sacrifices that you never asked for. Attachment to any person can lead to jealousy, frustration, and extreme expectations. Neither you nor he should make the other person a top priority in life, have a bigger goal than a relationship. Focus on your career and be in a relationship that helps you achieve that bigger goal.

These are the warning signs of a toxic relationship. So if you witness these signs in your partner, gently make him aware of these traits and help him change for good. If there are indeed too many of these traits, don’t hesitate to end your relationship with them.

You must have remembered many past incidents of your life where the other person showed such toxic traits either in a romantic relationship or in a friendship, but don’t feel bad as not all men are like these. This world also has many kind gentlemen who can fill you up with positivity and uplift your energy. A call from them can brighten up your gloomy day. They’ll feel lucky to be with you and at the same time be passionate about something big in their life. If you meet such a person in your life, consider yourself to be a lucky woman.

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