The only reason for shaving your hair is the reason it comes back again and again and some doesn’t like it and few feel it’s unhygienic. But everyone of us dream for smooth velvet shining skin. When the joy turns to vein who likes it. Lets discuss the most eight test and tried prevention methods to stop ingrown hair in this article.

What are ingrown hairs?

Ingrown hair is a condition where the hair just curls inside which causes inflammation in skin sometimes accompanying with pain and small cysts.

What is the main cause of ingrown hair?

When you shave you just take the hair from it’s surface and not from the roots. Because of this when the hair grows back instead of growing outwards it just grow inwards and it starts curling.

Here’s how to prevent ingrown hair:

  1. Always use shaving cream. Shaving dry hair is often the main cause of ingrown hair. Always use some kind of lubrication before shaving which not only help to have a smooth shave but will also really helps in avoiding ingrown hairs. If you don’t prefer shaving cream aloe gel or any conditioner can also do the best job. Using conditioner to shave your hair is one of the best thing so many girls do now because it not only helps avoiding dry skin but it also softens the hair which will result in clean and smooth shave.
  2. Don’t repeat the razor. Yes you read it right. Repeating the razor is not advisable because on single shave itself the blade becomes dull which results in coarse shave and it won’t be helpful in removing your dead cells from skin. Either toss it or swap the blades once in a while. Or one can also use epilator. Epilator even though won’t give a smooth shave it will give a very near shave and ingrown hair is not much seen with it. Epilator is not on a pricier side too but it may give some pain like waxing.
  3. Never shave opposite side. Always try to shave in the direction your hair grows. Shaving opposite side can give you a close shave but it will also results in wide open pores which will be easier for your hair to curl back. And also because of the wide pore the dust particles will block the pore which will also results the hair to not come out from the skin properly and it ends in ingrown with black spots on the affected area.
  4. Use moisturiser right after shaving. Moisturiser helps to keep your skin more lively. It helps the skin to be more soft and also it reduces the inflammation caused due to shaving. The inflammation can be also caused by our enemy the ingrown hairs. So moisturising your skin is the most effective thing end of the day.
  5. Laser hair removal. This method may be on the pricier side but it is one of the most effective method. Like any other methods this also comes with some side effects such as skin irritation, pigmentation but they can be treated when given some time for the skin to heal. The alpha particles hit the hair follicles and in that process it stops the hair to grow back again. It may take 4 to 8 sittings depending on the growth.
  6. Stay hydrated. Staying hydrated not only means drinking litters of water but drinking the adequate litres of water. Due to dehydration the skin gets dry and it looks dull which will increase the chances of inflammation due to shaving. It’s proven that inflammation is not seen much in hydrated skin which was caused by shaving.
  7. Skin care. Keep your skin hydrated by cleansing, toning and moisturizing and also by applying sunscreen whenever moving out in a sunny day right after shaving. Drinking water alone is not enough. Taking good care of your skin outside also plays a vital role in avoiding ingrown hair.
  8. Exfoliating. The dead cells trap the new hair from growing outside. Our human body can shed dead cells on it’s own and it takes around 30 days of time but sometimes it won’t completely shed all the dead cells. So exfoliating skin with mild scrubber or loofah helps in removing dead cells completely which will help the new hair to grow outside. Mild scrubbing can does this job, so choose the scrubber or loofah wisely or purchase and use which is prescribed for ingrown hair. Harsh or rapid scrubbing Will again result in removing the moisture from skin and the skin will be prone to ingrown hair.

No more ingrown if you consistently follow all the above steps while shaving.  But consistency matters. Trust and try all these prevention methods and get benefited from them. Stop shaving if you don’t want to shave but not due to your ingrown anymore. Happy shaving.

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