Going on a solo trip has its flavor of excitement and thrill. Instead of going out with your friends, you will be making new friends along the way. It would take a lot of courage to head out on to your first solo trip, but once you get over your fear and experience your first trip, you’ll love it. You can spend on travel, cuisines, and accommodation according to your preference and budget.

Things are a little different for women when they plan to go on a solo trip. The first challenge they have to deal with is discouragement by their family members and friends. One of my friends didn’t tell anyone in her family about her first solo trip even after getting back from it. 

Although, things are not as bad as people like to believe. You can learn how to travel alone as a young woman confidently. Many women go on solo trips across foreign nations, increasing the numbers every year. The statistics show that 84% of solo travelers are women, and 72% of women in a developed country like the USA have experienced solo trips.

Here are the top 11 travel tips for women that can help you head out on your first trip confidently.

Thorough Research

Invest sufficient time in researching beforehand. The more you are ready with your research, the more confident and thrilled you’ll be for your trip. Estimate your budget and finances, calculate your total expenses and carry extra money as a reserve. Join your travel destination’s local Facebook group and take advice from the locals. Be ready with your itinerary.

Prepare Your Itinerary

While planning out your itinerary, make sure you add enough rest before you head out to explore your new destination. Book your accommodations beforehand; you can choose to stay in hostels or a hotel room at your convenience and budget. For safety purposes, avoid traveling at night and prefer to safest route and medium to travel.

Don’t Pack Heavy

Bare minimum packing will help you travel easily and be more mobile while traveling. Just pack your necessities and nothing more. For clothing, try to blend more with the locals there, and it will help you not just to avoid cat teasing, but you’ll avoid the attention of some pickpockets and thugs if they are around.

Get Local Emergency Number

This is one of the most advisable tips for solo female travelers. You certainly will never get to use it, which is a good thing. Still, you should consider making a list of local emergency numbers, like for police, your hotel, travel agent, and medical centers, just for safety purposes.

Don’t Reveal Your Accommodation

While you are out having fun and exploring new destinations, you’ll meet and interact with many people. Just for safety purposes, don’t reveal where you are staying. If someone asks, you can efficiently act vague and confuse them.

Drink Moderately

When you are in a new city or country, you want to taste new cuisines and drinks. Do try them out, but at the same time, also be conscious of what you eat. Never leave your food or drink unattended. Drink alcohol for fun, but don’t get overboard with it. Keep your senses intact at all times.

Carry a Dummy Wallet

Many solo female travelers have tried this trick, and they highly recommend it. They carry a dummy wallet consisting of expired credit cards, blank papers, and nothing else of much value while hiding their genuine wallet safely under their coat or pockets. If there are any pickpockets around, they’ll keep their eyes focused on the dummy wallet, and you won’t be worried all the time. This trick will keep your important documents, belongings, and money safe.

Trust Your Gut Instincts

If any particular place, food, or people give you the creeps, then follow your gut instincts and avoid them. If such a situation occurs that demands you to choose, and you are not getting any good vibes, don’t hesitate to come up with a polite ‘No.’

Follow Travel Blogs

There are many women travel bloggers who are popular all across the globe. They have made traveling their full-time career and live the best days of their lives. They inspire many solo travelers on how to travel alone as a young woman. They always come up with reviews on different travel destinations, the best hotels and restaurants to try, popular cuisines, and tips on traveling on a budget.

Keeping all these travel tips for women in mind, you are all set to plan your first trip. Traveling solo is more budget-friendly than traveling with your friends. You will cherish the memories and stories you’ll make on your solo trips throughout this lifetime. If you have ever been on any solo trip before, we would love to hear about your experiences. 

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