Binge-watching TV for long hours can help us pass our free time and requires absolutely no effort. However, when you’re trying to find things to do, that give the body an adrenaline rush. It can help us deal with our feelings, help reduce stress, or helps us reconnect to ourselves. Here is a list of healthy hobbies that can uplift your energy and save you from boredom.

Improve Photography Skills

Do you know? Summer is an ideal opportunity to get back into photography and master how to utilize your cameras beyond “auto” mode. You can explore new places and capture your favorite summer landscapes. Also, learn to capture those perfect magic hour shots at sunrise and sunset. Sunlight is perfect for mastering the fundamentals of photography. 

YouTube videos can help you understand photography fundamentals. Like aperture, shutter speed, ISO, smart tricks, and avoiding mistakes will aid in understanding your camera or encourage you to buy a DSLR. You can even learn to click tons of awe-inspiring pictures using your smartphone.

Enjoy Reading

If you are one of those people who think reading is not your piece of cake, then, in reality, you haven’t found the books that suit you. If you don’t enjoy reading biographies or histories, you might enjoy reading self-help. You might love suspense or fantasies if you don’t enjoy reading romance/drama. You will have to experiment and find the genres that suit you. The number of book recommendations thrown at one at any time can be overwhelming. If you are new, go for some popular and easy-to-read books like The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo. You can also start reading the Harry Potter series. You’ll undoubtedly fall in love with them. 

Learn an Instrument

If you’re like me and constantly wish that your parents would have put you in music classes as a child, it’s important to know there’s no time to wait. You can attend classes in-person or online to learn piano, guitar, flute, or whatever you want. I would recommend joining music classes, whether online or offline. Since you’ll pay for it, you’ll stay inspired to learn and improve. If you want to reduce the amount of a financial and time commitment, you can take classes via YouTube videos.

Start Journaling

I feel journaling is not just a hobby but an act of mindfulness and self-care. It is one of the best healthy hobbies that you must start. Journaling can be beneficial because it lets you get your negative thoughts out of your brain on paper. It also can assist you in all aspects of your life, from practicing gratitude to making plans to live your most fulfilling life. All you have to do is give 15 minutes to your journal in the morning and before bed. It can help untangle many complicated situations in your life easily.

Practice Home Gardening

Gardening is easy to learn and fun to do. It allows you to work and care for the plants you’re cultivating. You will get something good from it in the final. Trust me, the feeling of looking at your plants grow is very satisfying and relaxing. If you live inside an apartment, you can still grow indoor herb gardens on your balconies.

Be Athletic

Sports are the perfect method to go outside and pump your heart up and sweat. You can choose between tennis, TT, badminton, volleyball, etc. To become authentic, you can look on the internet to find YouTube tutorials such as this one to start a game with a partner. Look for clubs and playgrounds near you, where you can meet new people and practice one sport. Or, you can enjoy playing badminton in your street.

Go for Hiking

It doesn’t matter if you live in a place with majestic forests and mountains to go hiking or in a crowded city. You should find time to enjoy walking in the woods. It will drastically boost your mood and immunity. You will find nature reserves and state parks where there is much more to explore. You can look up “hiking trail near me” and plan a getaway for the coming weekend.

Enjoy Art

Painting or drawing, pottery, or something else, can be among those relaxing, enjoyable actions that can help you relax. It is one of the best hobbies to keep you creative. Try making your artwork at home, or even look up classes offered in your local area to discover something new. 

Indulge in Creative Writing

There is a creative writer hidden inside all of us. Writing is a great opportunity to stretch your imagination. It also lets you get lost in an entirely new world for a while. You can also explore prose or poetry if you’re not enough to create a full-on story. Don’t judge yourself. Write about whatever you feel like writing. It’s okay if your poems don’t have rhyming words. No one needs to read it except you!

Volunteer for any Social Cause

Join an NGO whose vision compliments your principles and feelings. Suppose you’re a lover of animals but don’t have the time to have your own private space. In that case, fostering or volunteering at an animal shelter might be the new thing you enjoy doing. You can volunteer to teach underprivileged children for free or help distribute foods where people need them. Apart from money, dedicate your time and efforts to the welfare of this society. The level of happiness you will enjoy here has no comparison.


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