Your life takes a big turn after a baby enters your life. Motherhood comes with specific challenges, but things get more challenging when you decide to go back to work after a few months of maternity leave. Today, we will share ten practical ways to simplify tasks for moms returning to work shared by many successful women. These are valuable and helpful tips for new moms going back to work.

Redefine Your Career Goals

It is time to get your career back on track. After having a child, many things change for a woman. Still, be passionate about following your dreams and securing outstanding achievements in your career. Still, it would help if you were flexible on your working strategies now. Instead of a full-time office job, you can opt for remote jobs, freelancing, or consider switching a career to some different field.

Be an Expert in Prioritizing

To manage your baby and your work, you need to be good at time management. If you don’t have a habit of making a to-do list, consider starting it for both your professional work and tasks at home. List down all the tasks you need to complete, rate them according to their priority, then start from the most high-priority tasks and mark them done. 

Also, consider delegating some simple tasks to others, like your husband, family member, or a coworker, that do not require your expertise.

Request Flexibility

Since you are a mother now, there is a good chance that your employer will understand your situation and will grant you flexibility for your work. You can request to work from home or work as a part-time employee. Hybrid model work best for new moms returning to work. In the hybrid model, you can work within a mix of both work from home and work from the office, for instance: two days working from the office and three days working from home. The hybrid work model makes it easy for you to manage your work and spend quality time with your baby.

Child Care Plan

If you have to work from the office, you need someone you can trust with your baby. Maybe your family members, preferably the grandparents of the baby. Although it is rare in some offices, employers also provide childcare facilities in their offices for the convenience of working moms. Otherwise, take your time and choose a childcare plan or nanny that works best for you and your baby—those who can handle your baby well and keep them comfortable and happy.

Continue from Midweek

The moms returning to work after maternity leave need to have a soft start at work. Thus, you can start joining the workforce on any day in the middle of the week. The work on such days will be short and less stressful so that you can settle down back at work slowly and comfortably.

Avoid joining your office from Monday, as the work will be piled up high, and everyone around you will have a stressful look on their faces.

Follow a Routine

Maintaining a routine is best as babies and toddlers quickly get used to organized and predictable days. Develop a routine and follow the same routine every morning and night. You can feed them, play with them every morning, and sing lullabies to your baby before bed.

Expect Challenges

Leaving your baby behind and heading out for work will surely be overwhelming and stressful. There will be times when your baby will be going through separation anxiety, and you can’t help but feel sad. Brace yourself for this feeling; remember this is a temporary phase and will gradually disappear. It will help if you maintain your focus on work while in your office. Enjoy the pleasure of working and the pride you feel for completing your tasks and receiving appreciation for your work.

Set Boundaries

Set your boundaries both in the office and at home. While you are at the office, restrain from excessively checking on the caretaker, whether your husband, nanny, or the baby’s grandparents. Don’t bother about emergencies; you’ll be informed if there is any uncertain situation. If you are working from home, be clear about your off-limit hours. After your office hours, avoid checking your emails and other work-related tasks so that you can give your undivided attention to your baby.

Special Time With Your Baby

Spend some special quality time with your precious little one each day. Please give them your full attention, play with them, cuddle, sing lullabies, and tell them bedtime stories. Make up for the time you were away from them. Even your baby will look forward to spending this time with you every day.

Make Time for Yourself

It would help if you had some me-time every day to cope with all things going on in your life without going insane. Sit down for meditation for at least 10 minutes a day, and read some good books like self-help or novels. Also, please spend some time working out, preferably doing Yoga. It helps you from being completely exhausted and emotionally depleted.

These are a handful of tips for moms returning to work. Also, check out special newborn care tips for first time moms.


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