Shopping is a fun process for women, and it acts as a stress-buster. But shopping without any explicit instructions can end in you spending a lot of money. Here are ten proven ways to save money while shopping. These are practical tips and will help you make wise decisions while shopping.

Make a List

Don’t aimlessly scroll on online apps or roam around supermarkets. Having a list gives you a clear idea of what to look for and where to spend your money. Thus, you won’t fall prey to impulsive buying. Also, set a budget before shopping, so you don’t spend more than you should.

Keep an Eye Out for Sales

Shopping websites and retail stores often have sales. They offer good discounts, especially during festive seasons. Thus, keep an eye out for sales, and wait for the right time to shop. During sales, you will be able to shop in bulk without burning a hole in your pocket.

Compare Prices

Social media influencers can be very tempting at times. Don’t get influenced by them so quickly. You can get the same product of the same brand at a much cheaper rate from other shopping applications. Thus, instead of clicking on the influencer’s affiliate links directly, spend some time comparing prices on different applications.

Utilize Coupons & Store Credits

We usually ignore the coupons we received earlier and let them expire without taking anything out of them. These coupons and store credits can help you save good money, and it’s their way of showing gratitude for our past shopping. Thus, keep checking coupons and store credits that you can use and get unique products at cheaper rates.

Set Limit on Debit & Credit Cards

If you have no self-control while paying from cards, consider adding a limit to your monthly expenditure on your cards. No matter how badly you want to shop, the limit on your cards will keep you in check. Thus, it will encourage you to spend your money wisely.

Do Your Research

Don’t simply get influenced by social media influencers and online advertisements. Social media are pretty convincing but take out time to do your research. Spend some time reading product reviews on shopping sites like Amazon. Read Frequently Asked Questions, and feel free to post your query if you have any. Spending time on research can save you from regret later.

Online Shopping

While shopping online, you have plenty of time and tons of options. Shop on the applications with appealing offers and provide opportunities to earn cashback and rewards. You can purchase a few products together to get free delivery.

Online shopping also has plenty of distractions. To avoid getting into such distractions, install only a few shopping apps on your phone. Keep the notifications of all these apps off at all times. These will reduce the chances of your unnecessary visits to these apps.


The worst part of online shopping is there is no option of bargaining. Even in physical stores, you can’t bargain everywhere. Still, there are some places you know you can haggle with the salesperson and lower the rates. Don’t worry for the seller; they will still be making profits. Bargaining is a wonderful life skill, and your convincing power will increase tremendously.

Grocery Shopping

There are some practical ways to save money on groceries. It is crucial because we often buy more than we can consume and waste most of it. Here, it is not just about saving money but also saving food. Suppose you follow these tips on grocery shopping. Then you will be able to save good money and minimize wastage. Keep checking your inventory and categorize based on perishable and non-perishable food. Buy items perishable products in small quantities so you can use them while they are still in good health. Plan your meal every week beforehand to have a clear idea of what to purchase and what to cook.

Avoid Unnecessary Purchase

Keep your primary focus on stuff that will add value to your life. Don’t buy products to stock up in cupboards and to use them in the future someday. After saving, spend your money on necessities first, then on luxuries. If you still have some money left, you can try out some unnecessary products for fun.

These are some proven ways to save money while shopping. Make sure to try each of them out. Check out this article for some additional money management tips for women


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