Contrary to the yesteryears, a woman is not just a homemaker anymore. Even if she is a mom, daughter, daughter in law, she has a role and identity herself as a professional. Working women are in all areas of life. Whether they are working from home, flexible hours, shuttling between work and home or in transit between different cities, she is always expected to deliver. In today’s day and age, a woman is usually struggling to juggle between her work life and personal life. She has expectations to fulfill at home and service levels and KRAs to achieve at work. As a woman, she executes her duties flawlessly in all verticals of life.

Have we ever stopped and wondered what about her? Her health, stress levels, eating habits, and daily routine. How juggling so many balls of duties at the same time affects her health and mental sanctity. As a woman, there many aspects of your health that you should take into consideration. Being the well-oiled machine that operates everyone’s lives, it cannot break down. There are a few simple yet effective tips that we can offer which incorporate or amend your life with some healthy lifestyle habits.

1. Arrange your priorities

Instead of working haphazardly and inviting stress and anxiety, always arrange your priorities and to-do lists for the next day. Close your eyes, visualize your next-day tasks, and pen them down. It doesn’t matter whether they are official or personal. Creating a priority list ensures you don’t forget essential tasks, duties, and follow up points. Whether it is paying bill or school fees, doctors or salon appointment, travel regime, or social engagements, everything will be well within your sight once punched in a calendar. This will reduce your stress levels; you will find yourself enjoying healthy lifestyle habits.

2. Exercise to enjoy yourself

When it comes to exercise, people usually jump on the trend bandwagon. Whether it is Pilates, weight training, cult training, etc., the list is endless. Your workout doesn’t have to be something that matches an ongoing trend. Choose a workout or exercise routine or playing a sport that you enjoy. It can be something as simple as a walk, jogging, taking a swim or floor home workouts. You will be able to sustain a workout only when you enjoy and love doing it and incorporate healthy lifestyle habits.

3. Don’t skip breakfast

Doctors advise that the most important meal of the day is breakfast. It is very true. Breaking the night’s fast with a healthy and nutritious breakfast is the key to all-round good health. Keep your fibers, fruits, and protein at the top of your list when you plan your breakfast for every morning. Fibers enhance endurance, protein gives the necessary energy and nutrition and fruits hydrate and impart important minerals. For your long hard days, ensure that you are well treated in the morning not only to keep you full but also keeps your mood up. This is one healthy lifestyle habit you shouldn’t miss.

4. Plan your meals

Have a meal plan for every week. It not only keeps your cooking sorted but also gave you a full view of the right balanced diet and intake. When you plan your meals, you realize your calorie counts and type of food that you are eating. It ensures that you avoid snacking and munching while working and at home. Munchies increase calories and are the main culprit to cholesterol and heart problems and infuse healthy lifestyle habits into your routine.

5. Water is wonder

Water is a key to anyone’s good health and an important healthy lifestyle habit. It is essential to calculate your water intake on a day to day basis. Keeping your self-hydrated is the best way to ward off dehydration and diseases. Women, when they get dehydrated, along with the usual set of problems to their health, they also have water retention and swelling. You have to ensure through your daily activities; you keep adequate scrutiny on your water intake.

6. Control your sugar intake

When we are in the office or traveling for official work, we ignore or neglect the healthy lifestyle habits of our daily routine. Even at work, we tend to ingest more coffee and tea in meetings, discussions, etc. without intent; we tend to consume more sugar-based beverages that give momentary energy but also douse our system with empty, unhealthy and useless calories. Cut down on sugar by eliminating fizzy drinks and juices with artificial sweeteners.

7. Regular health check-ups

As a woman, we endure a lot of stresses on our body. It is but natural that the body will undergo wear and tear. It is advisable, especially when you cross the age of 30; you should get regular health checkups done. Check-ups must include a breast examination through a mammogram to eliminate the occurrence of cancer. Other things you can check from is normal blood pressure, cholesterol, tumors, and heart diseases. All these things combined make for healthy lifestyle habits.

8. Seek help if needed

When you are managing a mountain of work yourself, it can become very overwhelming. Some things may get missed out on or done incorrectly. If you experience too much workload at home and office and are unable to manage it, ask for help. Ask your partner or spouse to share that workload to pull some stress from you. Stress being a deterrent to a good healthy life, it is better to keep it at bay. Most mental illnesses are also caused by stress and are not one of the healthy lifestyle habits that we endorse.

9. Minimum contact with the cell phone

Mobile phones are running our lives in terms of time and energy. Don’t bring your office home just because you can be connected to the mobile phone. Aside from the harmful radiations of the continued use of phones, it is not a healthy lifestyle habit. Keep phone interactions to a minimum when you are at home. Read papers, journals, books, which will help your professional and personal development instead of wasting time on social media.

10. Adequate sleep and rest

A woman’s body after it has accomplished mammoth tasks for the day needs enough rest. Sleep is designed to make the body heal and become rejuvenated and replenished again to take on another day. Sleep is a way of the body’s healing process. An average suggests that 6-8 hours of healthy lifestyle habits which not many people follow. Making strides in your career doesn’t mean that you can ignore your health. After all,  no matter how big of a paycheck you get, it’s of no use if you don’t have your biggest wealth, a healthy mind and body.

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